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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


In my last post, I proposed abolishment of the Federal Reserve and the IRS; I hope I did not give anyone the impression that it was an all-inclusive list.

Democrats are a lost cause when it comes to fiscal sanity, and Republicans are math-averse – talking in platitudes about cutting taxes and reducing the deficit, but unable or unwilling to name the specific programs they would cut to get there. Libertarians are both fiscally responsible and mathematically proficient.

Let’s start with the Department of Education. We send a dollar to D.C. and get 78 cents back (or less) with a boatload of stings attached. Before we federalized education we were #1 in the world; today spend twice as much per pupil and we are 17th in reading, 18th in math. Kill it before it drives us out of the top 50.

Next up, Departments of Labor and Commerce. Both exist to neutralize the power of the other - it’s like suing yourself and then paying for both lawyers. Quick quiz: who is the current secretary of either department? I didn’t think so. Chop, chop.

While we are at it, adios Agriculture Department. We have the internet now; we don’t need the county extension agent. But wait, you say, who will divvy out the giant subsidies to the giant agri-businesses with no giant Ag Department? Bonus.

Department of Energy. Before we had a department of it, energy was cheap and plentiful and most of it was produced here. We are more dependent than ever on foreign oil while our energy costs have gone through the roof. Good riddance.

Another quick quiz: name three actual accomplishments of the United Nations - me neither. Bye. And why are we giving out foreign aid that we borrow from the Chinese? Let them go ask China for some cash and cut out the middle man.

How about the Bureau of Indian Affairs? This is 2010, not 1910. The dudes stuffing their money into the slot machines at Ho Chunk have a lot less of it than the dudes who are taking it out.

Department of Housing and Urban Development. 50 years and trillions of dollars later, has one Urb has been developed? And wasn’t it government-mandated sub-prime lending that broke the world in 2008? I can’t believe HUD is even still here to cut.

Department of Defense needs a 50% trimming: how can it take 600,000 civilian employees to buy bullets and beans for 1.1 million uniformed troops, and why are our troops defending Germany? Did Lichtenstein invade and are we next on the list? Back when it was called the War department, we all knew what it was supposed to be used for.

In a previous post, I laid out my proposal for converting the government pension system (social security) to a system of personal retirement savings accounts over a generation, and in another 2-part piece, laid out a comprehensive plan for real health care reform that phased out Medicare. Anyone who still talks about “saving” either hem clearly doesn’t comprehend they are already broke.

TSA, NIH, FDA, EPA, SBA, INS, DEA – too many agencies, not enough space to list them all . If it has three initials or a czar running it, chances are it is 8 parts useless jobs program for unionized federal workers and 2 parts marginally useful function of government. I would make “scrap” the default setting unless someone can justify their existence who doesn’t work there or get their grants from them.

Add them up, and we have just cut the size of the federal government in half, from 24% of GDP to 12%, and turned deficits into surpluses so the debt can be paid down and tax rates can be lowered. These are real and permanent cuts, not smoke and mirrors or single-year accounting gimmicks.

And government will not only be cheaper, it will be better. We will have better schools, more energy, real retirement security, health care that is better and more affordable, strong economic growth, more jobs, and higher wages. Think of it as a $1.7 trillion economic stimulus bill each and every year, only one that Jim Doyle can’t get his hands on.

Think my cut list is too drastic? Look at it again, and tell me which one of these departments has fulfilled its promise. Tell me which you would even notice if no one told you it was gone. Tell me which one you are willing to pay 71% higher taxes to keep around – that what it will take from all of us to keep all of the government we have now.

My campaign cards say “Tim, Not Tammy”. You have seen my list; you should ask her to show you hers. We both claim to be against deficit spending: one of us (Tim) has shown you how to stop it, and the other (Tammy) has voted for every penny of it.

Tim Nerenz is the Libertarian Party Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin's 2nd District. To support Dr. Tim's campaign, please visit the campaign website at www.timnerenz.com.

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