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ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks Updated for 2010

The Tax Foundation just announced Tax Freedom Day for 2010, as April 9. Using this new data, all of the ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks have been up updated, to count down to or up from the newly calculated date.

The Tax Freedom Day Clocks continuously draw attention to how much of our hard work goes to fund the government. Prior to Tax Freedom Day, they count down the days till Tax Freedom. After Tax Freedom Day, they count up the number of days that you have actually been working for yourself. Tax Freedom Day is actually different for each state. For simplicity, the ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks are based upon the national Tax Freedom Day.

The clocks are available in three forms - as JavaScript, appearing at the top of each page in the ActionAmerica Tax and Economy section, as a Macintosh Dashboard Widget and as a Flash Web Widget. The web widget, seen below, can be attached to postings on many forums, blogs and social networking sites (though not all sites allow the use of "object" or "embed" code that is necessary to do this). FYI, to post it on Ning sites, like this one, you must paste the object code into the post, while in HTML mode.

Many people don't realize just how much of their hard work goes to support the government. I hope that a lot of you will find this useful and will spread it around, to help enlighten as many taxpayers as possible, to the real cost of government.

For the purposes of this clock, ActionAmerica uses the Tax Foundation data to calculate the exact minute of Tax Freedom, so the clocks can count down in seconds. Some people say that's sadistic. But it's no more sadistic than our government forcing us to work for more than a quarter of the year, just to support them.

For those who are interested, the exact moment of Tax Freedom in 2010, is April 9 at 3:31AM.

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