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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Below I have listed three of the main symptoms of the disorder

Out of concern for many of our political representatives and members of the press when communicating about the FAIRTAX I studied some of the basic symptoms to look for when diagnosing an adult who may have this condition. I have found many of the symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder prevalent in both the press and our political elite.

1. Reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort:

This would explain why so many in the press who have claimed to have studied the FAIRTAX write articles that are completely false and foreign to the actual plan. Our representatives are also guilty of the same thing, but we know they cannot sit down long enough to study the plan. If they could do that then they could also read the bills they vote on.

2. Often fails to give close attention to detail:

In order to do this they would have to actually do a comparison of the pros and cons of the Income Tax vs. FAIRTAX. They could also consider the human devastation to families and small business that the current systems deals to the American people every day, in the name of “fair share” This can be difficult for someone with this condition, especially when they are also trying to figure out whats in it for them.

3. Inability to focus and comprehend:

FAIRTAX volunteers know that the plan is relatively simple. But, when you combine symptom number three with number two and one it is obvious that we need to get these poor people some help.

Many of us that have been working with the FAIRTAX for many years can tell you that it is impossible to find any member of our Congress that has any basic understanding of the plan. This of course does not include the co-sponsors of the plan, they must have studied it that is why they support it.

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