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Asheville Independence Day TEA Party Info

in the homestretch, folks...

We appear to be all set to stage another successful protest in the name of Liberty!

Tentative Schedule:
3:00 - Welcome and Opening Remarks w/ Pledge of Allegiance
3:15 - Speaker's Roster Begins
We have a list of citizen patriots assembled to speak on a variety of topics including:
Our Re-Declaration of Independence
The Federal Reserve Transparency Act
North Carolina Sovereignty
Food and Health Freedom
Federal Government's Abuse of the Constitution
5:30 - Closing Remarks

Et Cetera:
Tea Party participants Barbara and Everett McCollum have arranged for a social get-together at Tripps immediately following the Independence Day Tea Party for a maximum of 60 people. If you are interested in joining the McCollums (and parking at Tripps), contact Barbara at gampa100@gmail.com.

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