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I wrote an earlier article challenging the American people to employ economic sanctions against the federal government, for the purpose of sending a message to Washington that the American people are not going to stand by and do nothing while their country is bankrupted and destroyed by the Congress and this administration. I received quite a few replies from people who were concerned that we may also hurt our local economies and our neighbors in the process. No major battle can be fought without some casualties, but I have decided to launch a plan that anyone should be able to get behind with a clear conscious, and not inflict damage on their community or their neighbors business. This plan will give us the opportunity to send a message on several different plains.

The CEO of General Electric Jeffrey Immelt (El Heffe) has put the full power of GE and all of its subsidiaries behind the OBAMA agenda. The American people have become increasingly concerned about the recent partnerships between Washington DC and large corporations. The Bush Administration was too close to companies like Halliburton and some big oil concerns. But they were not as open and arrogant about it as this Administration is. But, no administration has had the audacity to operate in the light of day the way this administration has with GE and several other large corporations and organizations. Mussolini stated that fascism is when you have a perfect partnership between corporations and government. There is no better example of this practice than what is conspiring between General Electric and this Administration.

General Electric has a long history of crimes against not only the environment, but also against humanity, by participating in human radiation experiments at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in an Area in south eastern Washington State known as the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick). I have attached an article that chronicles this crime, a crime that was committed with a partnership between the United States Government and General Electric, go to; www.CleanUpGE.org/gemisdeeds.html.

I am a resident of the Tri-Cities and was fortunate enough to meet the Journalist that uncovered this crime.

Here is another article that chronicles a pattern of their crimes against the environment and their attempts to ‘not’ take responsibility for their crimes, by spending tens of millions of dollars on litigation instead of cleanup. They almost single handedly destroyed the Hudson River. Go to Wikipedia for the whole story http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Electric

If you really want to learn to appreciate the infamy of this company just go to google and type in GE crimes and you will see how repugnant it is that this company is in bed with the Whitehouse!

This corporation cannot be allowed to play such a prominent role in our lives. It is obvious that their only motive is profit and control. If they want to redeem their name, then let them go clean up the pollution that they have spread from sea to shining sea over the last 100 years!

Last week Jeffrey Immelt was appointed President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and he is on the President’s economic advisory council.

General Electric has spent an enormous amount of money promoting the President’s Green Agenda, Why would they do this? GE is positioned to be the primary broker of Cap-and-Trade AKA Cap-and-Tax, which will be worth hundreds of billions to GE. You cannot turn your Television to NBC or MSNBC without seeing repeated commercials that state General Electric’s commitment to the green agenda. The commercials call it, Eco-imagination.

General Electric is also positioned to reap billions from OBAMA-CARE. GE Medical is a prime vendor of medical devices for Medicare and Medicaid. If we become a one payer system they will corner that market as well.

NBC and MSNBC are subsidiaries of GE and shamelessly promote this President and his administration. Their Anchors have made such comments as “I get a tingle up my leg every time I hear the President speak” Or they look for people like the Editor of Newsweek who make comments such as “You know he is kind of like God, you know kind of standing above us all” You would think that the host might have tried to play down such a ludicrous comment, but oh no, the host said “yeah that’s right”.

GE has shamelessly sought this partnership with the OBAMA administration while benefiting from billions of dollars of tax payer funded TARP money to their financial services division.

We have organized, we have let our voices be heard, and we have stated our objections to the socialist agenda of this government at tea parties and town hall meetings. But, we have not thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to any decisive action that would send a message to this administration and congress in a meaningful way. We need to put forth a plan of action that has sharp enough teeth that they will feel the bite! We need to send a message to Washington and these large corporations that we will not allow our government to be subverted by this type of fascist partnership. This can be fully accomplished by targeting GE with a serious boycott and letting them know why!

General electric does not manufacture any products domestically that I am aware of. GE does not sell a single product that cannot be found from another company. GE has been the largest single polluter in our country. They are complete hypocrites when it comes to the environment. GE has decided to uphold one side of American politics, is it not our duty to show GE what it feels like when the other side of American politics spends their money elsewhere?

The left side of politics will not tolerate dissent from anyone, not ever their own. They did not hesitate to eat their own when the CEO of Whole Foods, a very popular store for lefties did not totally agree with their agenda. What did they do when he dissented, they called for a boycott. Why don’t we show them what a boycott really looks like?

I have researched the history of boycotts in America over the last 50 years and found that they were 100% initiated by, and followed through by the progressives of American politics. Has it ever occurred to them that conservatives might be successful with a boycott as well?

The plan is simple. We need to organize a boycott of all things GE and not back off until they are on their knees. The goal is simple! If they pass Cap-and-Trade and OBAMA-CARE then we will never buy GE again, they back off and we will end the boycott. We need to engage this boycott ASAP!!

Curtis R. Pack

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Comment by Harold Pack on September 5, 2009 at 3:30pm
As the wise man once said "there is no possible victory in defense." However, defense is exactly what we have been playing, and if we intend to continue to follow that agenda we may as well prepare ourselves to be defeated. The above post pretty well says it all, trying to buy a "non-GE" bulb is a problem right now, so let things continue to deteriorate until it's imposible, or fight back while there is still time. Remember the quote "money is power" so where doe's GE get there money? Don't they get their money and therefore their power from us, and by the available evidence, then use it against us? We continue to try and defend ourselves, but to no avail, they slowly but surely continue to tighten the noose, to consolidate their control. We have a choice, play defense and lose, or, go on the offense and deny them their money, their power, At least there is the possibility of victory in offense, instead of waiting for the inevitable, bowing to economic slavery. The GE boycot sounds like a good idea to me.
Comment by Jamie Wheeler WA on September 4, 2009 at 8:42pm
I've already been trying to this! Trying to buy a "non-GE" lightbulb has been a challenge, but well worth it!

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