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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


ThisFebruary 9th, 2011 there will be a group of FairTax Supporters thatwill be visiting the Congressional and Senatorial offices.  In order to show the leaders of both Housesthat these individuals represent people from all over America, we want topresent a LARGE stack of Post Cards to them. Therefore between now and February 1st , we are asking allFairTax supporters and their friends to submit a set of four post cards thatwill be hand delivered during STORM the HILL event.


Atttentionall SD, RD, DD, CC and any other supporters:  Attached below is a Word file toprint out the post cards.  Down load andsave the file on your computer.  Then youcan print out the double sided post card by printing one page (as many copiesas needed) and then reinsert the paper to print the second page on theback.  Take a stack of post cards to anymeetings or events and ask everyone to sign them.  Collect as many sets of cards as possibleduring the time from now until February 1st as possible.  You can use these post cards in place ofpetition forms.  All the necessaryinformation is included on the form. 

All thesets of cards should be placed in a USPS flat rate container and mailed to:

Fair Tax Nation

P.O. Box 808

Oak Forest, IL 60452



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