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A very small number of Americans have the economic power to force the Government to correct its course. We are being steered down a path to a socialist state, if not a fascist state. This is being done under the guise of “an economic disaster” We have in the last six months witnessed the nationalization of banks, insurance companies, manufacturing, healthcare, etc., all in the name of stabilizing the economy. We have in that same six months created more debt than we have in the previous thirty one years. We are a capitalist system that is “supposedly” being fixed by converting our system to a socialist state. The very people who caused this disaster (whether by accident or by design?) are the same people who are in charge of fixing it. Goldman Sachs was at the top of the gang of criminals in the banking industry that brought this about. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs before he was appointed to the Treasury, as well as, Paul Ruben, and several others who are now in government. Timothy Geitner was President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was the overseer of the Fed’s Open Market Committee and is now the Treasury Secretary. The same corrupt and incompetent politicians who have been in charge since 2004 are still in charge. Many have called for increased regulation of our banking and financial industries. The Federal Reserve would be the chief regulator, how does this improve the situation when the same people are now running the private, unregulated Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Treasury under the same management. You will find proof of this by going to Wikipedia and use the search “Goldman Sachs.”

The people have allowed our Federal Government to become one of the most corrupt governments in history.

No government with a strong grip on power has ever relinquished that power without some form of revolution (rebellion). The revolutionary has two obvious options, one is armed rebellion and the other is a well organized, militant, non-violent, revolution. Non-Violent Civil Disobedience will always prevail when a majority of the people desire change.

History has given us a clear and proven blueprint of how to correct our errant government. The easiest, the most moral, and effective way to accomplish this is with a strong and committed program of organized Civil Disobedience.

The Government of Britain was also arrogant when it came to the pleadings of the people of India. When the people of India would seek the ear of the Queen they had to deal with the Viceroy. The Viceroy’s attitude was that he did not need to give an ear to the Indian Peasants, after all what could they do? Somewhat like the Obama attitude, what can they do? “I won”.

The British economy was very dependent on the salt that was mined in India and the British passed a very restrictive law stating that the people of India could not process the salt that they mined, but had to purchase it from the British. The other product that the Indian people could not manufacture domestically was cloth. The British forbid it, therefore forcing the people of India (by law) to purchase cloth from Britain. Mohandas K. Gandhi was an educated man. He was a Lawyer and realized the importance of economic interruption as a non-violent weapon and devised a scheme to break away from the grip of Britain. He organized a movement to defy the salt and fabric laws of Britain. The people of India immediately (by the thousands) began to manufacture their own salt and weaving their own fabric. In the early days of the movement the British rounded up thousands of the dissidents and this only encouraged even more people to join the movement. The Spinners Wheel on the National Flag of India is a symbol of the movement. The British packed up and went home.

Martin Luther King was inspired by Gandhi and developed an economic strategy that began when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man. MLK saw this as an opportunity to strike at the economic issue of public transit that depended on fares for its existence and needed blacks to ride the buses. They used the incident with Rosa Parks to call for a strike of the city buses of Selma. The strike coupled with a U.S. Supreme Court decision ended segregation in the public transit system. They followed this pattern of creating economic disruption as their primary weapon. They did not stray from their tactic of using non-violent civil disobedience and they prevailed.

The Tea Parties that began earlier this year can serve as our Rosa Parks or Salt and Fabric strike.

The Government is using our economic situation to their advantage to destroy America as we know it. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. We need to agree on the best way to accomplish this. It can be a refusal to participate in the income tax system, selective days to not purchase fuel, refuse to cooperate with the 2010 Census, etc., etc., any of the above, all of the above, or?

I witnessed a very courageous Craig T. Nelson (from the TV program Coach), a man willing to put his millions at risk by refusing to (temporarily) not pay his taxes until this government listens to the people. He called for Glenn Beck to promote this on his program. We do not need Glenn Beck’s permission to work with Mr. Nelson on this.

I joined the FAIRTAX in 1998. We were a small group at that time. Here I am eleven years later working with an organization with close to one million volunteers and feel that we are no closer today than we were then. Why?, because politicians love the control that the income tax gives them. Some have more at stake than others, the progressive politicians see it as a way to engineer the welfare state and continue their mission of big brother intervention into our lives, because they believe that government knows best, we will call these Democrats. The other politicians who love the income tax, like it because they can still engineer the economy to best suit their constituents, we will call these Republicans. They are interchangeable.

I truly believe that we will end up with a socialist system with an income tax and a VAT tax if we do not step up to the plate and do what is necessary. We the people are the economy. Government is a necessary evil and should be viewed as evil first and necessary second.

Gandhi and King realized that writing a letter to your congressman will not (by itself) bring about change when you have a well entrenched power center. The income tax (IRS) is so entwined into our political system that it will not go down without a fight. The best way to defeat a beast is to starve it to death.

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Comment by Curtis R. Pack on June 7, 2009 at 5:05pm
I agree that a protecst by a few Americans would only cause them harm. It is true that most Americans are not suffering enough, but given the path that we are currently on it will onle be a matter of months before the financial system begins to unwind. The suffering will be felt everywherre in the country and then we will see the type of resolve that will bve necessary. You are corect that the Court has increasingly become an Oligarchy and render decisions more like a council of elders than a check on the law, and then use their own precedence to rule from the bench. That was my point, that the Federal Government has taken far to much power (illegally) and must be corrected. The FAIRTAX will help in this but will not make all of the corrections that are necessary. Some form of revolution will be necessary and the American people will not suffer greatly before organizing. Regarding tax protestors and spurious arguments, the arguments are only spurious because the courts have declared it so.
Comment by John Gaver on June 5, 2009 at 10:05pm
The problem is that many Tax Protesters (TPers) go to prison every year, citing spurious claims that have been overturned by hundreds of courts in the past. I have personally looked at the facts surrounding the claims of the TPers, who claim that they don't have to pay tax and most of those claims would be valid, if it were not for the way our courts work. But, since our courts use "Case Law", as a substitute for codified law and prior courts have dismissed those claims, there is no chance that any other court will even listen to those claims.

Certainly, if you could get enough people to refuse to pay tax at one time, then you might have a temporary victory. But, the problem with that scenario is that too many people live very well here in the USA and won't risk what they have acquired, on a "chance" that someone else will be the first person arrested. Then, many of those who have joined the TPers will begin to cave, when the first few hundred people are arrested. Unlike the situation in Gandhi's India, most Americans do not see themselves as suffering. They may not like the amount of taxes that they pay, but they have not yet reached the point of "suffering" and until they do, the TP route will only get more people thrown in prison - people who would support the repeal of the 16th Amendment. Of course, when they are thrown in prison, they are removed from the voting rolls, where they could do some good.

As for not buying gasoline on certain days, that does absolutely nothing at all, since what you don't buy today, you will just add to your purchase tomorrow.

The point that I'm leading up to is that unless you are proposing that we wait until the majority of Americans reach the point of suffering, the only choice that we have is to educate people and get them to vote out those in Congress, who are standing in the way of the FairTax. We have a strong supporter in the Ways and Means committee. The thing that we need most, is to get more support in the Senate.

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