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Congressional Letter Writing Campaign

We have started a letter writing campaign. It is part of an "Initiation Packet". Here is what we are trying to do and what is included to make it easy to do.

• The Congressional Letter Writing Campaign will come with 12 envelopes, stamped and addressed to your Congressman, a supply of FairTax address label size stickers for the closure flap and 12 letters or examples of letters. When signing up you will be given a certain day of the month. So if you live in District 3 and are assigned the 5th of the month, you will send one letter per month, on the 5th to Congressman Ron Kind. We encourage you to write your own letters but feel free to send in the examples. We hope to put up many more letter examples on the Chippewa Valley FairTax.org web site. If you write an original letter, please forward it to us in an attachment and we will post it for others to use. There are other examples on FairTax.org in multiple locations throughout the site, FairTax Nation and Zap The IRS. Please write or put your own return address on the envelope. It has a much more meaningful impact, as do the letters (vs. e-mails). We already have over one months worth of supporters sending letters. The first 2 rounds are going to Washington DC. Subsequent rounds will be sent to their home offices. For Ron Kind that would be in La Crosse and Eau Claire. For Dave Obey, his home offices are in Wausau and Superior.

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