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Cosponsor #64 added to the FairTax bill - Where does your Congressman stand?

The 64th co-sponsor on HR 25 was just recorded September 14 - Virginia Foxx of NC. Congratulations to all of the North Carolinians who helped make this possible.

At the end of the last session of congress, we had 72 co-sponsors on HR 25. That number represented an increase over the previous session and the FairTax bill in the house had recorded increases in co-sponsorship every session since it had been introduced in 1999.

When our volunteers are interviewed about the FairTax, they are often asked about the legislative status. We can always emphasize the following:
(1) that we have far more co-sponsors than any other tax reform proposal,
(2) that we are one of the few with bills in both the house and the senate,
(3) that we have increased the number of co-sponsors each session of congress since the FairTax bill was first introduced in 1999.

The third claim is now in jeopardy, in part due to the fact that there are fewer Republicans in the house this session than in previous sessions.

The house is apparently considering adjourning around the first of October. However, there may be a "lame duck" session in November. That session would only be for one to three weeks.
We need you to encourage your Congressman to cosponsor the FairTax Act HR 25 in the House and S 296 in the Senate. A phone call to the Congressman's office works best, but faxes and email are also very helpful! To find the your Congressman and their contact information go to: http://www.contactingthecongress.org

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