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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


I call it Tooth Fairy Government – they take your quarter, stick it under their kids’ pillows, and make believe the world is 25 cents richer.

Now, the only people who believe in the tooth fairy are young children and old socialists. We should love our children, and we should love our socialists, but we should not let either of them run the country.

Like most of you, I did not set out to be a radical. Like most of you, this is my first crack at being an activist.
Like most of you, my American Dream did not have a scene with me standing in front of thousands of people fighting to take our country back.

But then I never thought I would be living in a NASCAR republic. A NASCAR republic is where every time you look up the leaders of the pack just took another hard left turn and crashed us into the wall.

A half century of those left turns have made us the radicals now, and all we did was stand firm in one place.

A place where government is limited and liberty is not; a place where government needs our permission to act, not the other way around; a place where Government is our servant, not our master. A place where we own the mansion and government is our Cabana Boy.

And our Cabana Boy has a job description; it is called the Constitution. The black ink tells Cabana Boy what he can do; and the white space belongs to us. Problem is, our Cabana Boy doesn’t read.

Our Cabana Boy forgot which of us is the servant, and which is the master. Our Cabana Boy tells us what we can and can’t do. Our Cabana Boy tells us how much of our own money he will let us keep. Our Cabana Boy steals from our children and our grandchildren.

So what do we do with a Cabana Boy who does not know his place? We fire him, that’s what. And that is exactly what we should do this November – sack the whole miserable mess of them and start over.

Start over with people who have read the Constitution; who know the difference between the black ink and the white space. People who will represent, not rule. People who understand it is not their money.

People who are not afraid to be a great nation; not shamed of being better than the others. The Socialists in Washington think you have too much money, too much energy, too much freedom, too many guns, even too much health care.

They want you to surrender your liberty so they can run everything, just like they do over in Europe. We are here today to stop them. This isn’t a partisan event. We are not the Party of No. We are the Party of Hell No!
Do you want to give them your money? Do you want to give them your guns? Do you want to give them your health care, your energy, your Liberty? I say Hell No!

Europe is all we hear about these days – Europe has high speed rail, Europe has cap and trade, Europe has national industries, Europe has unions, Europe has government health care, Europe has VAT tax. Europe, Europe, Europe. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

Let me tell you something: Europe sucks.

They make 20% less than we do. They pay double the taxes we do. They’re unemployment rate is twice as high as ours. They live in tiny little apartments; they drive tiny little cars, and they ride little bikes with little baskets on them. They wear tiny little glasses and tiny little speedos. They still pay attention to Al Gore.

And we are supposed to give up our American Dream for that? Why? Because they live longer than us? That’s not living.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care how old they are in Belgium. I would rather live free for 79 years than be a slave to the state for 81.

Thank you for caring enough to join me here today.

This is the text of Dr. Tim’s speech at AFP’s 3rd annual Defending the American Dream Summit in Wisconsin Dells on March 13, 2010. To learn about Tim’s campaign, visit our website

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