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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Economic Boycott of the Federal Government

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win” Mahatma Gandhi

In early 2009 we threw Tea Parties and they ignored us, on April 15th 2009 we threw Tea Parties and they ridiculed us, in summer 2009 we threw Tea Parties and they fought us.

Now we can win!!

We can rally the American people around one simple and effective plan; we can pledge to not spend one thin dime beyond basic necessities until they reign in government, no dinners out, no new cars, no IPODS, etc., etc.

Big government democrats and republicans treat us like their personal ATM machines, while at the same time ignoring our genuine concerns over the direction they are taking our country.

The current administration and Congress has put forth a challenge to us, they have thrown down the gauntlet and we need to accept their challenge. They have accused the people of America (us) of every despicable act they can think of. They have accused us of being domestic terrorist, un-American, racists, evil mongers, brown shirts, Nazi’s, Fascists, etc.

I propose that we organize a boycott that will not end until they vote down the big government “so called” healthcare reform and cap-and-trade.

We can establish the Tea Party movement as a vanguard against big government and keep them in line now and in the future.

Gandhi and King used economic pressure to win their cause and they are heralded by both political parties’ as historic heroes (justifiably so).

The American people have only one weapon to use against this government and its policies and that weapon is economic sanctions.

I have personally discussed this with several organizations that agree with this method and feel that it would be very effective. There will be some who will want to retreat from measures this profound, but they must also realize it is a bargain to be able to effect such positive change by launching a boycott that we the people control one that will require some temporary inconveniences that will preserve our liberties. If we lose the battle with this government and its socialist leaning agenda we will have stood by and witnessed the destruction of our Republican form of government.

This plan can be put in place within the next ten days.

Any semi-intelligent person can research cap-and-trade and the healthcare reform Bill that this government is proposing and clearly see that their agenda has nothing to do with the environment or healthcare. The sum total effect of these two Bills will completely change our nation from a free market system to a socialist collective.

The left side of politics have been pursuing a nationalized healthcare system since 1927. Truman first tried to nationalize our medical community in the 1940's. Every decade or so they bring this to the front burner and their prescription is always a government run healthcare system of universal coverage. Every time they bring this to the front burner you see the same players, and the biggest of all is the Unions. Why the unions? Here is why; Britain has about one third the population of the U.S and yet their unionized government health service is the 3rd largest employer in the world with 1.4 million employees three fourths of which are union bureaucrats! Now you know why you see so many thugs in blue shirts supporting this government take-over. These fine citizens are members of the ACORN affiliated SEIU union that will have the potential of growing their membership by three to four million new members. So, the next time you see these blue shirts spouting that they are trying to exercise some sort of moral imperative, it is a load of bull!

I am old enought to remember 40 years of propaganda about the environment from the same group of people. In the 1960's they were warning that we despicable humans were going to create enough pollution that we were going to create an ice age by the 1980's. Then in the 1970's they tried another scare and it was acid rain, in the 1980's we despicable humans were at it again we were going to destroy the Ozone layer and die of skin cancer before the millenium. In the 1990's they changed it to global warming, yep, we despicable humans were at it again only this time we were going to burn up the planet. But, the darned planet started cooling the last few years and they had to think fast before we could catch on, and they came up with the solution and they did it so smoothly that most people didn't even notice. They changed Global warming to climate change and lord Al Gore was so very pleased, why was he so pleased? Now no matter what the planetary cycle does it can be attributed to the dastardly actions of us despicable humans. Now they have a universal name for their agenda, how is that? No matter what happens on the Earth, floods, hurricanes, droughts, etc., etc., they can say it was climate change.

If they get these two bills into law, we will have lost the America that so many generations sacrificed to build and the preceeding generations that fought and died to preserve it.

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