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Email to Sen. Bill Nelson of FL

I've been trying to do my part to express my point-of-view to our "lovely and fair elected officals," but it just doesn't seem to get across. In his recent reply, he stated that he voted against the Bush Administration's bailout plan, but voted Obama's in. Sometimes, I just don't get it. Anyway...here's my latest reply to the Senator. To be honest...I really don't think those people on the Hill really know what kind of damage they're causing to people like you and me.....really makes you think.

Sen. Nelson:

Something that I've been trying to figure out for a while now is...with all the spending our Government has passed in recent months...how is that money going to be paid back? Ohh...yes, that's right. It's coming out of my pocket! I totally forgot about that. Since I'm one of the tens of millions of citizens in this country that are considered middle class...the idiotic and insane spending my Government has done falls on my shoulders. That's okay, Senator...let me just work a bit harder...rake in what scarce overtime hours I can pull in and pay off the almost $2 TRILLION dollar debt you and the rest of our lovely elected officals have put us in.

In your recent reply, you stated you voted against the bill that the Bush Administration put forth...that's all fine and good. I'm happy for you...you voted against it. Does that mean you're not at fault? I don't think so, sir. When it comes to this crazy spending our Government is doing, including the spending bill you have voted for...I don't care who voted for what. The finger point is going to each and every one of you.

I'm not puting the blame on any one person or political party...it'everyone's fault. Yours and mine...I'll take the hit on some of it. I'm not afraid to admit I've made some bad choices in the past. I've had to make some tough decisions in order to keep my family afloat.

You see, Senator...it breaks down like this: if you spend more money than you can bring in....that's bad. We're faced with the stock market tanking on a daily basis. Your fellow senators and President Obama pretty much destroyed the business aviation industry with the comments you've been making. That's right...I'm a maintenance inspector for a company in Orlando that does routine maintenance on coporate jets....thanks to you and everyone on the Hill that ridiculed businesses for using their jets as a "business tool." Now, I agree that the CEO's of the auto makers didn't think very clear when they flew to Washington on their jets begging for money...that wasn't very smart of them. But almost 80% of all business jet travel does not have any kind of CEO or top executive on-board. it's technicians, managers, engineers...common folk going to and from the job sites...not some lavish CEO or Vice President throwing his weight around and flying somewhere because he wants to. Because of these types of comments, they're scared to fly their jets to do their business...they've stated that to us. And that has put one incredible hurt on a lot of families. Not just in Florida...but nationwide.

Whatever happended to our Government being the voice of the people? What happened to that basic fundemental our country was founded on? Why in the world would we want to spend almost $2 trillion dollars to try and kickstart our economy? That's crazy. If you want a comparison...it's like our Government just swiped a huge VISA credit card...that's the way a vast majority of us see it, sir. Our Government just made a $2 trillion dollar purchase on credit with no means of paying it back. Sir...if people are loosing their jobs left and right...foreclosures going through the roof...how do you think that money's going to be paid back?

It's certainly not going to be from "all those jobs the stimulis bill's supposed to create." Here's another basic economic lesson: You want to know why retail stores are recording so many quarterly losses? Because so many people are afraid of loosing their jobs that they're holding on to every penny they can. If people are afraid of spending their money, the stores are going to hurt...car dealers won't be selling any cars...you know the drill.

I can go on and on about this, sir...but it seems like no matter what I try or do, the message just doesn't seem to get through to anybody. You've heard my stand in previous emails...I'm a huge supporter of the Fair Tax Bill...me, along with a vast majority of this country truly believe that is the only way out of this mess we're in. All I got to say is that when that $2 trillion dollar "VISA bill statement" comes due...don't be surpised if you guys come up short on the payment.

Marc Stramer
Merrritt Island, FL

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