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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Energizing the base from ground zero.

Political movements of all shapes and sizes have been born, lived, and died in our nation's history. Very few of the successful ones moved quickly. And they surely didn't succeed without sacrifice and individual and collective effort. Ours is no different. Our movement is to radically alter the methods by which the Federal Government collects its revenue or, more appropriately, its share of our personal fortunes. Our movement paves the way for Americans to begin seeing the true cost of their government and ask "why?"

What do I mean by "ground zero" in my post title? Consider for a moment any of the seminal movements in American history and you will find a connection to a home base. A central "base of operations," as it were, from where the movement drew its strength and projected outward. Boston, MA and Selma, AL, Berkeley, CA all come to mind immediately as important "ground zero" locations in our Nation's history.

Why, then, is it that with the greatest tax reform movement of our time, we have such an anemic base of operations in Houston, TX, the city of our movement's birth?

I ask this question without contempt. Rather, I ask it out of a sense of wonder! How is it that we were founded here in Houston, yet the big events all take place in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina??!??!? UNACCEPTABLE!

I wasn't born or raised here, but I have a very high expectation of Texans. Having served with many, played in bands with others, and now having lived here for over a year, I know that Texans are not the kind to say "well...it will never pass...so we'll just lay down and give up." But that's precisely what almost every Texan told me this weekend when I spoke with them about the FairTax.

REMEMBER THE ALAMO, TEXAS!!! Jim Bowie and Daniel Boone didn't just sit around saying "Well, we're licked...might as well head home." Our cause is just. Now, more than ever, we each need to DO SOMETHING to further the cause!

If you live in or around the Houston area, please contact me at your earliest possibility, as I believe it is time to get together, organize ourselves, and turn Houston into what it truly is meant to be - the heart, soul, and center of our movement!!!

If we learned nothing else from the rise of Obama, we should learn this critical progression:


Come on Houston! Let's get organized and start rocking the boat!

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