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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

in response to a blog by Bruce Robertson on November 15, 2010

Wow, I just found your blog post and am in agreement with your views. I also feel that a phase-in of the Fair Tax rate over a 10 year period, corresponded to an incremental decrease to our tax code liability would be in the best interests both the Fed and society. This will provide real numbers per year that could be crunched and allow for an orderly transition reducing the possibility of unforeseen hurdles causing mayhem to our economic fabric. Also, allowing for the transition of IRS employees into lateral employment via retraining or placement. This need not be a brutal and combative attack on the Federal funding apparatus but a complimentary and civil process that is fruitful to our way of life. As we progress through the transitional period, we will be better able to determine the Tax Rate required to sustain Federal programs and functions. Making adjustments to the Fair Tax should not be a cumbersome task either, it should be an adjustable component of the code. My concern is that the majority of our elected brethren may find this sudden change as too disruptive...causing its languishing in the halls and eventual death over time. So, let us consider the tact that all would like to see the dismantlement of the IRS as the norm and foster its phase out in a civil and just fashion. This will entice further acceptance and exponential Co-Sponsor support thus ensuring that H.R. 25 will not be short lived but a true heroic American accomplishment to usher in the the 21st century.

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Comment by Marilyn Rickert on March 17, 2014 at 11:17am

HI Kenneth!

When constructing the Fair Tax we looked at the idea of slowly implementing the Fair Tax. When you look at the benefits of a rapid introduction including the economic benefits compared to the costs of changing our tax system every year over a period of time, the rapid introduction won. When the Fair Tax is passed the Income tax will end at midnight on a given date and the Fair Tax will then begin.
We can debate the problems linked with lots of little changes compared to the problems with one big change but it would be difficult to change the bill as written. We have found a big backlash against having both a consumption tax and an income tax at the same time.
What is great about people who support the Fair Tax is we "think outside the box" which leads to some great discussions!

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