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FairTaxers, how many times have you been asked by someone you are talking to about the FairTax, "What would my FairTax rate be?" I get it a lot. That's why I created the FairTax Rate and Real Dollar Calculator. It's a Flash web-widget that can be embedded on any site that you control (I.e. that will allow either "embed" or "object" code).

The calculator asks for just three inputs — 1) How many adults are in your home, 2) How many children are in your home, and 3) What is your family's annual spending on new, retail goods and services. There is a reminder that the dollar amount is spending, rather than income. When the visitor clicks "Calculate", his Effective FairTax Rate and the Actual Dollar Amount he would pay, appears below the input data. A button on the right will reveal his Gross (before prebate) FairTax Dollars and his Total Prebate for the year, as well. Back on the main screen, a button on the left will open a window with an explanation of how those numbers were calculated.

Any time I am being interviewed on the radio or television, I have that calculator open on one of my computers, just in case the host asks about what would be the Effective FairTax Rate for a family of "X" size, spending "Y" amount of money. As fast as the host asks the question, I have the exact answer.

Since this site will not accept embed code, here is the URL to the FairTax Rate Calculator and a snapshot of what the calculator looks like. You will note that in the example image below, I did the calculation for a family of 4, spending $50,000 per year. Go to the following link and check it out. Also, if you have a site that you control and you can include embed code, scroll down to the bottom of the linked page and you will find both "embed" and "object" code that you can copy and paste into your own side, so you can offer that calculator to your own readers.


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