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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Fairtax saves around 1.3 trillion every Presidential term

A three to four percent unemployment rate is considered full employment because people are moving between jobs, finishing one and moving to another. How are government employees enjoying a three to four percent full employment as shown at the link below at a time when private sector workers are losing homes and sacrificing, cutting back and their family's are doing without?

Unlike the private sector workers who must be productive and produce something tangible as consumer goods or services with real market value government workers are immune from these economic realities. Instead of adjusting for an economic downturn and making the necessary adjustments to balance cash flow government merely adjusts the tax code to maintain their income and the ability to keep employees on the payroll.

When the economy slows private sector workers who supply the tax income for government lose jobs, some are laid off for the duration of a downturn while others have their jobs eliminated entirely as business’s close their doors permanently, and in many cases their jobs are not coming back.

Meanwhile government employees enjoy the privileged position of being above any concern of how the economy performs. Their jobs are secure regardless of how the economy is doing. Government employees are immune because of the current tax system that enables an unjust system.

How is this existing iniquity a product of the tax system we are currently living under in America today? Or, is it an overreaching stretch to make the statement that the tax system in America today is the enabler for this situation? Before you make up your mind consider this. Aren’t those who are paying for this full employment for government workers to enjoy the present low rate of unemployment the same people who are either already unemployed, or trying to hold on by working part time jobs, or those who have given up, or those who are worried about their own futures and their job security?

Under the present system when our incomes go down isn’t government income directly related to what we earn and so government revenues decrease? What is the practice of government to maintain their revenue stream and ability to spend? Do they not raise taxes and enact even more taxes, in effect further laying a burden on the private sector workers who actually create value at a time when they are already in trouble because of an economy in decline?

Further adding insult to injury government politicians are considering a hidden imbedded European style national sales tax called a “Value Added Tax’ or VAT for short. This tax as proposed would tax everything including the necessities of life at each step of the way in the manufacturing process and so would be a hidden tax, hidden and therefore deceptive.

The current tax systems ability to reach directly into your pocket for the wages you earn before you even receive them can and should be replaced by a better system. The government’s ability to create deceitful hidden taxes can and should be replaced by a better system.

The good news is that a better system is available “The Fairtax”. The problem is that established politicians have very little interest in changing the status quo. They prefer the ability to continue unlimited spending on pork projects (to buy votes) to get themselves re-elected so they will strongly oppose any meaningful change.

However, once the “Fairtax is adopted” They will be forced to live within their means just as we must live within our means, so, their lavish wasteful spending on irresponsible pork (ear marks) should reasonably expected to end. They will no longer have the option of borrowing ridiculous amounts of money to spend recklessly using our future labors and our children and Grandchildren’s future labors as collateral.

The one point that no one seems to be bringing out is that “The Fairtax” repeals the sixteenth amendment and will eliminate the IRS saving the economy nearly one and on third trillion dollars every four year presidential term in money to support the IRS. It will also save hundreds of billions each year for business to use to modernize and expand creating much needed jobs. And it heads off “Value Added Taxes” and it de-taxes lower income people who can least afford to be burdened by a VAT system.


Harold Pack

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