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First a Democrat then a Republican—Is It Good For YOU?

First a Democrat then a Republican—Is It Good For YOU? From the desk of;
Melissa Pehle-Hill
www.Melissa2010.com In hearing that many elected officials are switching over from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party I have mixed feelings though most of those feelings are not of joy or elation but rather of disgust and aggravation. Let me explain. Yes, I am happy that they are jumping ship from the Democrats who are now being led toward socialism at a pace that is shocking to the American people. But why did it take them so long to decide that? Did they not realize the Democrats had become socialists until after the last election and the Republicans took the two seats from Democrats? Then there is the statement I read by one of them saying that their values hadn’t changed but the Democratic Party had changed so they were jumping over the aisle to become part of the Republican Party. Does that not scream wrong to you? It certainly does me and here’s why................
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