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While covering the RNC 2012 Convention in Tampa, FL, I met a great group of FairTax supporters and activists at an area Unity Rally. Left to right the names are: Ron Maiellaro, Nick Rudelic, Pam Reid, Pete Petzold, Elaine Maiellaro, Pete Adams, Barb Rudelic, Marco Bilante, Ray Budd, Donna Paget, Pat Gianinni, Rudy Treml and Jim Reid. Not in the photo but in attendance are Bob & Carol Mathews and Larry Walters.

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Comment by Kenneth E Smith, MD on August 25, 2013 at 11:29pm

You gotta admit, it really is a small world! I just met Barbara and Nick Rudelic's son, Robert,  this afternoon in Fairfield, CA (northeast of San Francisco).  I am the District 18 volunteer Fair Tax director in Silicon Valley, CA.  Fair Tax came up in our conversation and Robert mentioned that his parents were active with the Florida Fair Tax group and he thinks they will be going to Houston September 6-8.  Barbara and Nick, are you going to Houston?  I will be going and would love to meet both of you!

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