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I hope many of the FairTax Nation supporters had a chance to see the Glenn Beck Friday Fox News Show. It was very interesting to know, that unemployment could reach 25 to even 40% and that your paycheck could be as much as 80-95% of income taxation. Slowly I feel the pains of Socialism moving in. Below I want to share what I wrote back to Glenn Beck on his website:

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Charlie Prochaska
to GlenBeck

show details Feb 20 (1 day ago)


I have been saying for a few years now that things could get this bad if we don't start changing. There are four issues that caused the Roman Empire to collapse and we are right there with these same issues. Unfortunately we made voted for the wrong changes this election.

1- People are relaying to much on the Government to do things for them. In our Republic Constitution we the people are suppose to tell the government what we want, not the government MAKING people do as they see fit. Look what has happen today with the stimulus bill and how they "crammed" it down our throats without time to"'read" it. Hell we the people didn't get to vote on it. The few Legislators Leaders got their way. Now one is vacationing over at the Vatican, I wonder on whose money? By the way the Pope told her she better reconsider her views on abortion. That made me laugh at her!

2- Government using heavy taxation against it's people, with greed and spending against itself to the point where we can no longer "borrow" our way out. I feel with this stimulus package, our government just did this to ourselves. Now get ready for Mexico to collapse and the North American Union to form as Canada, US, and Mexico join together.Most people don't know it as I write this the new Amero Currency is being minted in Denver. This is the new currency for the new North America Alliance as the three countries form together. Look it up if you don't believe me on the Amero Currency on Wikpedia on Google and I also read about it on some other articles.

3- Military is spread across the globe and expense to maintain it which leads back to heavy taxation so we can maintain it. Please don't get me wrong I am for the best and strongest military but maintain it at home more than abroad.
Our military is so great that an average man in this country could not possibly use the second amendment to use force against an oppressive government to save this country. So this lead me to believe that our government has the ability to do at will as it want to against it's people like I mention with the 1st reason

4- During the fall of the Roman Empire the Islam was on the raise as today Islam is a world threat against civilization with use of terrorist means and without self conscience for other human life. They are out to destroy the financial stability of every country in the world. This is their way to control the world.

As you said we need to be prepared if this event happens. As I wrote above these are things that are in the works now. I too pray to God to guides us if not the country at least our lives. This is why I am working hard to get people to look at and help implement the FairTax.
Thank You Glen for a great show on Fox. I now know I am not alone in thinking this is possible and could be in the first stage of what we all don't want.

Please check out our websites at:

May God enrich your life with many of his blessing!

Charlie Prochaska
Leesburg, Georgia

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