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Grass Roots Freedom Ride Picked Up by FairTax.org

In the next couple months, FairTax.org will be updating their website to include the Grass Roots Freedom Ride as a fund raiser. The FairTax bus has been decommissioned so the bike rallies will take the place of a physical presence of activity from the national FairTax organization. Although this will change the internal working of our organization, it will not change the use of the money raised - to see FairTax passed into law! Using the web designers from FairTax.org, we'll have a much superior tool to solicit funds from old time FairTax supporters as well as new recruits.

I do not represent the national organization. I am simply another supporter doing what I can, sharing some thoughts.

If FairTax is ever going to become a reality, we need funds to make it happen. Those funds aren't going to come from big business. No business can afford to have the IRS involved in an already hostile business environment. It won't come from a few wealthy people either... they don't want or need the IRS involvements. The funds must come from the American people who allowed this monstrosity called the IRS to flourish. We are safer in large numbers. If 1% (3,060,000) of the population(306 million) of our country commits to $25/month that's $7 billion dollars/month to spend each month. THIS IS DOABLE! We need 1% of Americans giving $25/month. This is enough money to buy airtime, floats and lots of other promotions. I'm starting a new group here called 1% at 25. Perhaps we can create a badge of honor for supporters to wear. It doesn't take a lot of money - it requires a lot of people, but only 1% of the population. Help find that 1% to join this group!

Your help is needed now more than ever. I assume that everyone on this site already donates on a monthly basis to either their local organization or the national or preferably both. Our job needs to include actively soliciting funds from our "soft" supporters and finding new supporters who will invest in this cause. We need to impress on everyone who supports the FairTax that without their financial support, this movement is dead. $25/month is all it takes and either this will gain traction by 2010 or we'll be done. Going forward, fewer people will have discretionary income on our current economic path.

The Grass Roots Freedom Ride goals have always been to make fund raising for local groups a possibility. It's a walk-a-thon type fund raiser to ask soft supporters for money and give hard line supporters who bike a visible fund raiser for their group. With this new web tool at national, we'll be able to expand this program. Our website will probably change it's structure to work with bikers to organize and distribute supplies. We'll do everything we can.

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Comment by Carol Adams McLean on February 13, 2009 at 8:37am
Did you know that national does not benefit from the promotional items they sell on their page? Someone is making money; a large order of supplies means a smaller cost per item. I suggest folks "buy local" when their individual group makes a FairTax order and marks up the price to raise funds!
Comment by Carol Adams McLean on February 13, 2009 at 8:31am
It all goes to FairTax.org. My goal is to make sure some goes back to supporters in the form of promotional materials.
Comment by Jim Tomasik on February 13, 2009 at 8:23am
So where will this money be going?

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