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If you have been watching C-SPAN this past weekend, you would have seen programing from two very important events in Pittsburgh, PA -- Netroots, a conference of left leaning bloggers, and Right Online, a conference of right leaning bloggers. FairTax was, and needed to be, at both events.

I attended the Netroots event and I can report we were warmly received. We had a few "I am not interested" and two who were concerned we were a right wing organization because Mike Huckabee endorsed the FairTax bill. This was easily solved when I explained that as a bill in congress the bill was in the public domain so it could be endorsed by anyone -- we had no control over who endorsed the bill. The first man apologized and we parted as friends. As we discussed this issue with the second man admitted that the was hired by a left leaning organization with the purpose of discrediting the FairTax. He also said he no longer worked for that organization. The good news is I was able to address his concerns point by point. While I did not win him over to the FairTax side he left with the idea he should write a better FairTax bill. We also parted as friends.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Actually Mike Huckabee has a lot of support among the bloggers at the conference so his support was a positive development at this event. One young woman, after hearing about the FairTax, showed genuine excitement as she said "At last someone with solutions!"

I spoke to John Fund, WSJ & Fox News contributor, who attended both of the events. He seemed impressed that FairTax had a fully staffed booth at both conferences.

We have spent all of our available money for booth costs and materials. We need your help to fund booths and materials for the Congressional Black Caucus event in September, the Storm the Capital event in DC, and the CPAC event in February. The discount rate of $3,500 for CPAC ends August 21 so we will need to raise $4,000 if we wish to participate.

To donate by paypal go to the main page on this site and click on "donate" button.
To donate by mail make checks payable to IL Fair Tax
IL Fair Tax
P.O. Box 808
Oak Forest, IL 60452

Events funded:

Right Online Booth $250
Congressional Black Caucus Booth $1,100
Materials for Netroots and Right Online Booths $ 400+

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to staff our booths and to those who donated the funds that allowed us to be at these events!


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Comment by Marilyn Rickert on September 13, 2009 at 7:58pm
You are so right!

Comment by Raymond Chuang on September 11, 2009 at 7:12am
I remember a saying that went, "Without economic freedom, everything else is an academic exercise."

Regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or even (dare I say it) sexual preferences, everybody wins under FairTax. Imagine saving at least US$350 billion per year in compliance costs, effectively stopping the issue of losing somewhere between US$14 and US$19 TRILLION in American-owned assets to the underground economy and legal offshoring of assets through tax loopholes in the name of reducing the income tax burden, and effectively stopping the incentive for American companies to offshore corporate headquarter and manufacturing operations, also in the name of reducing the income tax burden. Imagine millions of jobs returning to the USA and millions more being created, all because there are no more taxes on earning money--it would be an economic boom based not on debt financing, but based on real liquid assets.

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