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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

How can I help Support & Promote the FairTax...

I zipped out this list and had 4 per page printed up to hand out at the Farm Bureau Trade show for 2 days. (100 copies = 400 people can get one)


• First, sign up on www.fairtaxnation.com
• Join the my state group
• Order “The FairTax Book” & read it
• Go to www.vistaprint.com & order some FairTax Business cards
(usually first order has a free amount)
• Call congress members & STRONGLY urge them to cosponsor the FairTax HR25 / S296
• Ask ALL Congressional Candidates if they will cosponsor the FairTax
• Contact your local volunteer (ck FairTaxNation)
• Talk, Talk, Talk about it!! On emails, Myspace, FaceBook, Twitter, in line, etc…
The best form of Advertising is WORD OF MOUTH
• Get all your FairTax supporting Family, Friends, coworkers and neighbors to unite on www.fairtaxnation.com
• Display a FairTax Placard
• Display a FairTax Bumper Sticker
• JOIN FairTaxNation Storms the Hill 2 April 15, 2010: From your phone, at a local congressional office, in DC (www.fairtaxnation.com for current details)
Volunteer! Would you consider being a community coordinator?

I make sure to give them one of my FairTax Business Cards also!! This may not be a complete list, but it is one I think they can take home and DO something! Do any of you have any ideas that could be added? Looking forward to FairTax in our future despite the dismal outlook of what is going on in DC!

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