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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I know support for the fairtax is not dead

I know support for the fairtax is not dead and more post in support of the fairtax will help educate people on its virtues, e.g. its ability to turn the economy around, reverse the trade deficit, bring jobs back to america, make free trade fairer, increase productivity, eliminate 1/2 of lobbying in congress, make politicians listen to their constituents more, and eliminate billions of hours and billions of dollars spent to comply with a massively complex tax code, thereby leaving more money in our pockets and time to spend with our families, building business, or spend that time and money on whatever we wish.

If you believe passing the FairTax will do those things listed above and would like to do something (that doesn't cost money) to help make it happen, then as you have time and are inclined, search for opportunities to promote the FairTax, provide rebuttals to lies, smears and distortions, and encourage your like minded friends to help as they are able.

I have been looking around Youtube for ways to promote, educate, and advertise the fairtax. I have noticed virtually no post on the fairtax as an alternative to the income tax on tax filing advertisements such as H&R Block, Turbo Tax, or Liberty Tax. I believe it would be a good thing to promote the fairtax on tax filing advertisements. Your post would not only reaches other viewers but the video poster as well.

With a lot of grass roots work, maybe with in the next few years we can get the fairtax out of the house ways and means committee, to the house floor, passed and signed into law.

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