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GOOOH Gaining Momentum!
by Tim Cox, Author
Get Out Of Our House

Momentum continues to build at an accelerating rate. A third of a million visitors have now been to our Web site, almost 40,000 in the last month alone! We continue to land spots on radio all across the country. Another one hour television show has been recorded. Glenn Beck mentioned us on his radio show (for 30 seconds) saying, “Yeah, I've read that book. I don't agree with everything in it but it's a very interesting, very interesting concept, yeah. Very good.” Click here to read the full transcript.

Now, anyone who has read the book or spoken with me knows that NOBODY is going to agree with everything I said. This is politics, after all, and we all have different perspectives and opinions. One of the many points of GOOOH is that we all disagree on various issues. The problem begins with politicians who routinely make promises they have no intention of keeping in order to get elected. That is why 85% of us disapprove of the job congress is doing. That is why only 25% of the people say they would against throwing every single member of Congress out - see the Rasmussen poll.

The time has come to elect citizen representatives who are not controlled by a party or special interest money, who are not concerned about their political career, and who are willing to be held accountable. We need true representatives, men and women who have honor and integrity and will document what they believe in and then vote accordingly. GOOOH will enable such patriots to be elected.

I went to Washington DC on December 12th and marched with at least two million other patriots. The majority of us were protesting against both parties and all politicians. We were protesting against an out of control government. Listen to Anne Marie Harpen's song and view her powerful photos; I suspect many of you will watch it multiple times. It still amazes me how many are reporting that this was a protest against President Obama and the Democratic Party; it absolutely was not. Read articles like this one about GOOOH in The News-Herald of northern Ohio for proof that members of both parties seek a non-partisan solution. Watch this powerful video that Read Street Sound has created.

Do the reporters truly fail to see that this is an anti-government protest? Do they really not get that Americans are fed up with both parties, and politicians in general? GOOOH began when the Republicans had complete control of the government. When the deficit soared and the borders remained open. When the failure of Fannie and Freddie were imminent but the politicians debated steroids in baseball instead. When our high schools continued to fail a third of our nation’s children. When we were still denied the right to say a prayer before a high school football game. This is not a new or sudden outburst. It has been simmering for years and has finally begun to boil. With an eleven and a half trillion dollar deficit that will soon be fifteen we have finally said ENOUGH!

I am hearing four reasons GOOOH cannot succeed. Let me address them here.

1) We cannot get on the ballot - Of course we can. Every state has rules on the number of signatures that are needed, the time period in which they must be gathered, and the fees that must be paid. Once we get to 500,000 members, we will begin the effort. To me it sounds downright silly when someone says we can’t do something. We are Americans. We can do whatever the heck we say we are going to do. There is no way anyone will keep us off the ballot.
2) We will split the vote - GOOOH is a non-partisan movement that will win in a landslide. Once we reach critical mass in membership and begin marketing, 85% of the population will be with us and choose to replace the incumbent. We will offer a true choice for the first time ever. America is looking for a fresh approach. GOOOH is it. The politicians and parties will use this scare tactic, but that is all it is. It may sound convincing while we are forming our base, but once we have the numbers, and our countrymen line up with us, this argument will completely melt away.
3) A third party cannot win - First, we are not talking about the presidency. Ross Perot was interesting, but he had some major “quirks” including naming Stockdale as candidate for Vice President. That is not a valid comparison. We have seen independents win at all levels, including Joe Liebermann for Senate in 2004. Americans know how to vote for those without an R or a D by their name. But most importantly, the third parties people mention have never attacked the parties from our angle, they have played right into their hands by focusing on a few issues, and the two parties have done a good job of convincing citizens they are wasting their vote if they vote for anyone but the Republicans or Democrats. The third parties people think of are flawed from inception because they are built just like the existing parties. They have a platform that immediately divides. They raise money from special interest groups or have a single supporter with massive wealth. Candidates are selected in the same old fashion – or they emphasize that one wealthy person. They have never addressed the accountability problem. GOOOH is not a third party in the classic sense. It is a process that focuses ONLY on the House of Representatives. It will allow us to choose representatives the way our Founding Fathers intended. It will break the death grip the two parties have on the very people who should be representing us. It will sever the ties with special interest money. It will replace the career politicians. It offers a way to hold our leaders accountable. A non-partisan party can win, but it must approach the problem differently.

4) We don’t have enough time - As the march on Washington D.C. demonstrated, at least two million Americans proved support exists and can be organized quickly. The Tea Party groups alone have enough people to ensure GOOOH will succeed. They adopted a nifty slogan and attracted 500,000 members in less than a month. Imagine when their members learn we have more than just a slogan, that we have an actionable plan. Surely those supporting the flip concept will see that asking politicians to say they will support four principals has been tried a hundred times before - and failed miserably each time. There are individual Tea Party groups from all across America getting behind GOOOH. It is time for all of them to do so.

GOOOH is a plan we can implement today! The time has come for every Tea Party group, members of the Constitution Party, those who support the FairTax, those who believe in the 912 principals, and every person in America who seeks liberty, values freedom, and understands that we must do things differently, to join us. We will soon have not just 500,000 members, but 50 million or more. We will then use the GOOOH process to identify and fund 435 citizen representatives. Watch the GOOOH calendar for an event near you. If you are willing to host an event, let us know.

The system has been built. We seek the modern day incarnations of Madison, Franklin and Jefferson. They are out there. All we need are enough patriots to join our cause and help us find them. Perhaps you know one of the leaders we seek. Perhaps, we are looking for you.

The time has come to get every person in America to visit www.GOOOH.com and learn how we can retake control of our government. We have people sponsoring radio ads in Texas. We have billboards up in Tennessee. You can buy GOOOH t-shirts. You can get material to distribute from our store. We have a killer video ready to go if we can obtain the music rights (let us know if you can help).

One hundred years from now our history books will tell the story of the GOOOH revolution. This is your call to help write that story. Will you do your part? Visit www.goooh.com.

Tim C

Join the Revolution!

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Comment by David Lang on October 5, 2009 at 1:34pm
Goooh is not really any different than what presently exists now, and sounds like a one party system. Goooh does not address the fundamental problem with Representative Government. You assume that human beings can be TRUSTED to represent the will of the MAJORITY of the people and/or the best interests of all the constituents and what is good for the nation. That assumption is absurd, stupid and wrong!!! They CANNOT, and they never will . The only people that can be trusted to represent the will of the people and their best interests are the people themselves. How do you do that?? You set up a voting system via the internet for all issues large and small for each district. You can use social security numbers to qualify and verify voter legitimacy. The REPRESENTATIVES job becomes that of LIASONS communicating between the government in Washington (in the form of entering the vote without prejudice) and the actual people of the nation. But they have no actual power to decide how to vote. They can only enter the vote as dictated by their district vote count. All current issues are voted on once every three months, and each district must have a minimum of 75% of all registered voters to qualify for vote entry. If you don't obtain the 75%, no district vote may be entered, period. If people don't want their voice to count, they MUST accept the conseqences of their apathy, and deriliction.

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