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The mommy and daddy of the nanny state filed for divorce Sunday night – all that’s left now is to convince us kids the other parent is to blame.

Our year-long forced march into socialized medicine has sharpened the line of demarcation in this nation. On one side is the State and its dependent wards; on the other, freepersons who seek to make their own way in the world.

The former no longer countenance the independence of the latter, and the latter will not willingly live under the yoke of the former. We should quit pretending we want to live together any longer.

President Obama is correct on this point: the time for talking is over. There is nothing to further to discuss. It is pointless to pretend that Collectivism and Individualism can co-exist. There can be no dialogue between the looter and the looted.

People who believe it is their right to confiscate their neighbors’ earnings and compel them to work for their benefit have already turned a deaf ear to reason, the law, the Constitution, the Ten Commandments, and the cries of their neighbor. What else can we say to them?

Back when government was limited, the Constitution served as a buffer between the State and the People, and legislative compromise was possible. If we have learned nothing else from this past month, it is that government is no longer limited.

Still need proof? The clincher was federalizing all student loans at the 11th hour by appending it to the health care Bill. Using kids with leukemia as human shields for such a brazen power grab is well south of shameless.

The Department of Education will be the 7th largest bank in the nation, and will determine who goes to which school. We spent a good portion of the last century fighting nations who did this.

Health care, education, banking, autos, energy – the list of American industries nationalized in the past year would make Hugo Chavez blush.

But this is not Venezuela; our socialists are bolder. Liberal Democrats were reported to be “giddy” last week at the prospect of taking another $1 trillion from those who earned it. Watch any riot on the news – those looters are always giddy, too.

To all my giddy liberal Democrat friends, I would remind you that it takes just one election to turn all these new powers of the State over to Sarah Palin or someone you may find even more distasteful. It will be her czars who will decide how you live your life. Still giddy?

And to all my outraged Republican friends, I would remind you that it was your party that appeased our socialists for decades and expanded the State yourself when you had the chance. By the time you decided to be the Party Of No, the party was over. Save up a bit of that righteous indignation for the mirror.

Libertarians take no joy in saying “I told you so.” But we have warned you that this day was coming for 40 years. We have stood firm against each encroachment on your liberties, whether it came from the left or the right. You called us whacky, losers, paranoid, conspiracy nuts – how do you like us now?

The vote is over; the Health Care Bill is law. It will not stop children from getting sick; it can not compel miracles. The laws of supply and demand can not be amended through reconciliation. Its first visible consequence will be the hiring of 16,000 new IRS agents; they will not be taking your child’s temperature.

As a result of Sunday’s vote on Health Care, the government is vastly more powerful this week than it was last week. But the people who run it are no wiser and no more capable. That will soon become abundantly clear.

Tim Nerenz is the Libertarian Party Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin's 2nd District. To support Dr. Tim's campaign, please visit the campaign website at

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