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July 4th Watch the First Ever FairTax TV Show!!

Make It a FairTax Fourth of July
Fireworks will color the night skies across America, replicating the “rocket’s red glare…”.

We will once again celebrate our struggle, sacrifice and determination to break away from a distant government, unfair taxes and the arbitrary and capricious rule of kings.

And in homes across the nation the FairTax will be seen and heard in our first national TV broadcast on Fox Business News at 1:30 p.m. eastern time.

Go here for a preview. http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer?pagename=FairtaxTVShowJuly4th

It’s the Fourth of July…our American celebration of our hard-won victory for independence. It is also the definition of our campaign to win enactment of the FairTax.

“We, the people…” will remember, in between the ribs and watermelon, swimming and fireworks, that Americans brought forth a new idea in the history of the world…that the governed can determine the power of government--instead of the other way around.

We FairTaxers are working once again to shift power from a distant government to the American people. We are a growing citizen force to end unfair taxation all over again. We are in the vanguard of those who will bring about a better future and healthier nation against special interests, arrogant leaders and a corrupt and aristocratic political class.

This year, as our Gulf Coast neighbors struggle to save their beaches and estuaries, our countrymen struggle with floods across the mid-west, as upheaval politics redefines the power of incumbency and as we struggle as nation to recover, let’s reflect on our journey as a nation. It has not been a bed of roses.

In our darkest hour, General Washington’s soldiers marched in tattered uniforms and bare bleeding feet across the snow and ice to surprise the Hessian mercenaries and turn the tide of our Revolutionary War. That courage, toughness and plain dogged stubbornness is America through and through.

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Comment by D Green on July 19, 2010 at 1:12am
Laura, I understand what you are saying but the vast majority of people are in fact cowards, and they cause many problems for those of us that want to be free. Most people will gladly give away ALL our freedoms for what they percieve as comfort and security, especially one particular demographic.

You have many options besides. Your employees are not required to declare you to be a withholding agent and no law requires you to withhold from them in the first place. Heck, you are only required to ask them to fill out the W4 NOT to actually have it filled out or obtain a SSN. People are not required to have an SSN to work. Many companies have been sued on that one and lost, Taco Bell is one.

Employees can be paid 100% and let them deal with their belief re a tax burden.

Also, as an employer you can pay your employees in US Gold coins and claim only the face value of the coin as pay. IRS loses every time they try to fight this one. Only Congress can determine the value of money. A 1 ounce gold coin, face value $20, is worth about $1240.00 right now. Let the employee go cash it in anonymously, or keep it if they wish.

There are MANY options if you want to seek them out.

You see there are many options for those that are couragious enough to take a stand for freedom. You are not trapped in your current course. Ultimately it IS fear that makes your decisions for you if you let it.

One BIG issue that many seem to be confused about that I wrote about in my first post is the issue of what does our tax pay for. According to the Grace Commision Report NONE of what we pay goes for anything but interest. End of story! We pay 68 other taxes that pay for everything. Income tax is unsubstantiated and a complete and utter fraud!

The Fed gov gets nothing from me and all couragious Americans should feel the same way.

Be Blessed,
Comment by Laura McCue on July 18, 2010 at 8:56pm
And you might say that we are cowards by not being willing to take the step of not paying into the fraudulent tax system anymore, but those of us who own a business upon which employees depend for their livelihoods would be very selfish to put employees at risk just to satisfy out own desires.
Comment by Laura McCue on July 18, 2010 at 8:52pm
Dean, if you have been earning income but not paying into the tax system for 10 years, I can see why you have absolutely no use for the FairTax. For those of us who have been paying, not out of cowardice but out of not understanding the situation or our options before now, and who clearly have a paper trail leading to our business activities, it is impossible to suddenly stop paying no matter how much we might want to. I believe that the FairTax is a way for Americans to be able to see what they are paying to support our government and that it would be the first step towards being able to control and then change the funding of our government.
Comment by D Green on July 18, 2010 at 6:46pm
Jamie, You must have misunderstood what I wrote. I said "I refuse to accept a debt that pre-existed my birth, I don't care how it is packaged." I didn't say "I refuse to accept that a debt pre-existed my birth, I don't care how it is packaged."

So pretty much we are in agreement regarding Americans being saddled with debt at birth, right?

I have to tell you though, I am upset about the current income tax system and am willing to fight to put the gov back in its place BUT I decided long ago, 10+ years, to show some courage in that I was not going to voluntarily submit to goon enforced slavery. I have been free from that particular slavery, and many others, since I made that decision. I maintain self employment and when others want to involve me in their cowardice based business transactions I make certain whatever paper trail they want to create cannot possibly lead back to me. Their cowardice does not require me to be a slave as well.

I think if people would just stop wishing, hoping, and praying that the gov would stop violating us and actually stand up for what they believe is right under God, I.E. Bill Of Rights, the IRS, It's Really Stealing, would have dried up and blown away a long time ago. Begging the gov to loosen up the chains a little, I.E. the seemingly unConstitutional "fair tax", is a huge compromise on principles. We the people are the boss, don't volunteer for slavery.

Starve the beast, stop feeding it.

Be Blessed,
Comment by Jamie Wheeler WA on July 18, 2010 at 5:28am
D Green....hmmmm you refuse to accept that predated your birth...pretty sure the gov. has been in debt longer than most of us have been alive, not to mention the debt of the states. Note....the FairTax is NOT the perfect tax but it does one HECK of an excellent job of turning us around, engaging every American citizen in the COST of its government and we have to start somewhere or indeed we will be another Venzuela or worse! I note it is NOT the ONLY step (the FairTax) but considering it is already a bill with supporters IN CONGRESS and in EVERY STATE in the Republic we have a good shot at having a better America!
Comment by Laura McCue on July 15, 2010 at 9:20pm
Thanks! I will look forward to more opportunities to learn from each other.
Comment by D Green on July 15, 2010 at 4:29pm
I appreciate your commitment and wish you well in your fight for truth and justice. See you in the trenches!

Be Blessed!
Comment by Laura McCue on July 15, 2010 at 10:56am
I completely agree. The Fed and its policies and powers are THE problem we must correct.
I think that there are states working to get rid of the IRS within there borders in an attempt to get us back to operating constitutionally. I just don't know when it's going to happen. Do I stop working for the transfer of power and improvement in our economy that I believe the FairTax would bring to Americans while waiting for the coming revolution? I don't know which will happen first so I work for both possibilities.
Comment by D Green on July 14, 2010 at 11:19pm

Thanks again. I appreciate what you are saying here.

1. The issue of capitation taxation, aka apportionment, contained in the USC basically means, from what I understand, that the Fed gov can send a tax bill to the states according to population and each state bills each citizen and everyone in the US pays the same amount, rich, poor or middle class. It does not seem that the Fair Tax does this. The fair tax descriminates based on buying habits, not the same.

2. All roads lead to the Federal Reserve. As long as the fed reserve prints the money and determines the value of that money through all of its' far reaching and convoluted schemes the states do not control what money is valued at. This concept is known as confiscatory inflation or a confiscatory tax. Article 1 section 10 of the USC forbids this current situation and if the crooks in Wash DC would obey the law then we would be able to effect change via a means such as you suggest. As long as they can print money and decide its value we are impotent at best. This is a simple view as the monetary system is intentionally far more complex than I have stated.

I think there are many things that have to happen before we will see real and lasting change in this country. I believe that the change we absolutely need MUST include justice. The laws have not been applied equally in a very long time. The elites always hook and crook their way around the most important laws while the common people are held to the strictest letter of the most insignificant laws, or statutes which are not even positive law. Justice MUST happen, these people must pay for their crimes. It is easy enough to catch them red handed and with absolute and conclusive proof. Unless lawful justice is served there will likely, and unfortunately, be a French revolution in America, if you catch my drift. We should stick to the law and not compromise. To do so is to dirty our hands with the elitist beaurocrats.

Be Blessed,
Comment by Laura McCue on July 14, 2010 at 8:34pm
Dean, It has been presented to me that what our forefathers intended when they wrote the Constitution was that no tax could be levied upon the head of the individual but that instead the federal government would determine the tax owed by the state based on the number of its citizens and then the states would collect the taxes from its residents and remit a portion of it to the federal government. In that way our government could be funded to do the things that they are constitutionally mandated to do. To get back to that today we would have a situation wherein the states collect the taxes from its residents and remit only that amount they deem appropriate for the federal government to do what it is supposed to do and the the states keep the rest for their responsibility to the people ie, roads, infrastructure, and safety of its residents. They no longer send all collected funds to our rogue government and then hope that our elected reps can get some back for us which is the ridiculous situation we find ourselves in now. So....the people and their states will have to take a stand to make that happen and I understand that Georgia is working on this. Until then, I will continue to push for a change in our tax system that will at least allow us to see what they are getting from us and how. It could be the first step in transferring power from the government to the people.

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