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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I send this info for your review and perusal! I believe it is the best way to accomplish many of our goals including tax reform! Politicians are not going to change anything unless we force them and we can only force them if we "blow out" about 20% of them in 2010. That may not, at first reading, sound like a lot, but it would be 87 Reps. and certainly enough to change voting patterns in both the House and Senate until 2012. Please join with others and let's get it done! Bill

BTW: See the Patriot Call too!

This to all Patriots and concerned Americans,

Share with everyone you know that Tim Cox will be on Fox and Friends this Sunday morning around 7:50am EST! This is a HUGE break for GOOOH.

We need to reach out to all other Tea Party and Patriot groups to make the point that we all need to join together to get new representatives elected and GOOOH is the way to do it.

Send this to as many patriot groups [and all others that are disgusted with our government] as you can and spread the word.

If you aren't familiar with GOOOH, here is a brief introduction:

GOOOH is an acronym for "Get Out Of Our House", meaning of course, our House of Representitives. GOOOH is pronounced "GO" and is a plan crafted by Tim Cox from the Austin, TX area. It is designed to get common folks like you and me elected to those jobs, that will represent us folks and not be bought and paid for by special interests, Banks, Big Business, Wall Street, etc. In other words, it is self funded.

Just listen to Tim Sunday Morning or better, record it and watch it when you want. It that sparks your interest, then go to www.GOOOH.com and do your own 'due diligence' on the plan. Then get on board with this common sense method of electing our Reps. so that we can start working our way out of our mess in Washington. (And it is OUR mess! We elected those clowns, many over and over and they are not getting any better.)

Folks we MUST do something different, we are right on the precipice of losing everything! I don't believe that is an exaggeration in any way. If it shocks you, then maybe you haven't been paying attention to what is happening it Washington DC. That may require some due diligence as well! But do what ever it takes to be informed!

God bless! Bill Gaede

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