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My reply to Clarence Page on the McLaughlin Group

Thank you, Marilyn Rickert, for alerting Fair Tax supporters to this broadcast. Here is my letter to the McLaughlin Group sent to comments@mclaughlin.com.


Dear Sir,
I was puzzled by the comment of Clarence Page on December 27, 2008, during an airing of the McLaughlin Group, that he thinks the Fair Tax merits an award for the most stagnant idea. If Page's idea of a dynamic code is today's living breathing Leviathan, with over 20,000 pages (plus 47,000 pages of regulations and revenue rulings) which leaves the economy stagnant, I cannot argue with Page. However if one measures stagnation and dynamism of an idea by its effect on the economy instead of on the code itself, the Fair Tax is indeed dynamic. Economists agree that taxing consumption instead of income, as the Fair Tax does, reduces economic distortion.

I give Page my award for the most glib statement.

~Jim Bennett

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Comment by Jim Tomasik on January 3, 2009 at 9:42am

If you would, Please move this over to the discussion forum. This way it will show on the front page but it will not bump the featured blogs.

Shorter posts like this are perfect to start conversations. I don't want it to get missed. We are hoping to get some big name folks to post on our front page from time to time. That is why we are using the feature tool to put those up there. I will try to see if we can have two blog lists on the front page in the future so that we can get everyone's blogs up without pushing the calls to action off the front page.

If you have any ideas about makeing the site better, I would be glad to here them.

Jim T.

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