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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

It's 2020 and the FAIRTAX is the law of the land. I am at the grocery and waiting in a long checkout line with a big order, I have a big family. It occurs to me that a lot has changed since the FAIRTAX passed, everyone in that line is paying their fair share of running our government. Ahead of me is the richest man in town. When he buys his expensive wine, he pays the same tax as everyone else, no exceptions. The family next in line is visiting from China. When they buy their snacks, bingo, they are taxed just like everyone else. The boy in front of me buys a two dollar drink, his tax .46  cents. My bill is $200 dollars, my tax 46 bucks. That's fair, I purchased 10 times as much. It's all based on my choice of what to purchase. if I want a Porche, I am going to pay more tax than if I wanted a Kia. Remember the PREBATE, everyone's necessities are tax free, because you where mailed a refund check for the current month by the government.  Doby!  

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