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Hi--I'm new to this blog and issue, but as I see it--we need to mobilize a plan of action consistent with out abilities to effect a change. We can outsmart them if we get the goal defined and our brains thinking and proposing solutions. I am a pragmatist--I face bankrupcy, foreclosure etc and I'm a physician. I'm even thinking about a part time job as an exotic dancer so that I can stay a doctor.lol I'm good at helping people and finding solutions.
So, rallies are great--, but with minimal media coverage--the ideas are being lost and others who may want to help simply don't know where to go or what to do. I have a few ideas that may help--so I am starting here.
First, we all know that there is a huge government counter movement to learn about what OUR issues are and of course, the administration is mobilizing money, peole , and industries to do their work. We cannot wait any longer to not have a very strong, defensible plan of action. Naturally, I will not share those ideas here. But , I would like to meet with any of you who may be interested in hearing my proposals. My solutions are nonviolent and simply involve 'beating' them at their own game. Tell me that everyone here is not smarter , more creative, and more driven than a political 'action' figures--lol as I call the nerdowells in Washington. Their collective IQ's would be dwarfed by the brains that exist within this movement. No violence, no lawlessness--just plain old fashioned moxy and brainstorming-- we need to KEEP thinking outside the box-- the box that has imprisoned them and is leading us to a very sad 2012--indeed. Whether or not you agree-- it is very clear to me that Nostradamus' predictions are unfolding as he stated--and as we all know-- free will is our only answer. It depends on us to effect the ultimate outcome.This is the beginning of a great future--or it is the continued demorilization of good people who deserve better .Our childrens' futures depend on our efforts, brainpower , and organization .I have some awesome ideas, but I am a very poor organizer--and implementor(sp?).
So, let's quit bitching' and make a plan that will succeed and allow us to live within our moral consciences. It's a chess game--and strategy is the only way to win. If interested, please respond. Hey, I was born on Benjamen Franklin's, Mohamed Ali's and Jim Carey's birthday----maybe that makes me wacko--but there is a purpose on the planet (POP) for me and you, too!. Thanks Twiggy

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Comment by kimberly cull on August 30, 2009 at 12:29am
Hi Jim and Dean-- Ok so here I go--- firstly, in defense and respect for all of those people who are making forward motion and attending these grass roots events, I would just like to thank them for my reluctance to do the same. You see, I believe that although we have this 'right to free speech', I also know that our ideas and efforts fall outside the boundaries of those we seek to influence. You simply must recognize that these methods have failed us in the past and will crush us into submission if we don't recognize that--rallying makes us feel better and justified living in this country--and being so hopeful and optimistic makes us want to keep the adrenaline flowing--but sadly--there is but ONE WAY to succeed--and just like our founding fathers-- we must hit them where it hurts. So march on and keep the rally alive while others amongst us seek to effect change through channels that will make their passions a reality.There is only one way to do this and this is by 'giving them a taste of their own medicine'. As a physician, this is the sweetest medicine we can prescribe and still be humane and true to our heritage. Hmmm--you only need to look at our history and realize how simple the concept ---how we--as a force of nature--a mass of numbers--can effect the ultimate victory. I am an absurdly simple thinker --and my solutions are completely legal and devoid of outrage or anger or violence. I really can't elaborate any more --lest I divulge my plan --and risk certain malice. Whenever people are feeling threatened---like our 'controllers' are most certainly experiencing, they do what most zealots and weak people do- and that is to squash any ideologies which challenge the status quo. As we use reason to illucidate their irrational and socialistic behaviours--they use force and maneuver to keep up silent out of economic necessity. If they fail, they face our peril.
It'a ALL about money-- and soon you'll see how that will be their WATERLOO--THEIR EFFORTS TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY HAVE IT AND WE DO NOT is all we need to know about their motives..After all, Fleetwood Mac-- in the album 'Rumors' describes all too well what happens after 'rulers become KINGS.' Rulers seek control since they no longer aspire for more money---once they have it--their only purpose becomes a cruel game to keep it from those who have less or have none. Now, shall we begin with a plan of action or continue begging for reasonableness?? I think the answer is clear--we will follow the rules--quite simply because we have the control and knowledge to be creative with the truth. The truth that they laid down as our Constitution-- and we are wise enough to use to OUR advantage --Me --Twiggy
Comment by Jim Tomasik on August 18, 2009 at 8:22am
I'm sending you my phone number...
Comment by DeanF on August 18, 2009 at 1:22am
This is really a great article. Like you, I believe that God made us the Supreme Being to think for ourselves and for our love ones. We have the freedom to change our fate and destiny but we should be brave and ready to sacrifice things that are important to us to succeed. I know many of us struggles too hard and we often blame our administration for this, more of people nowadays get installment loans to finance our sudden expenses and other necessities. But what I’ve said earlier, we can make some change in our community, nation or even the world itself, but first it should begin deep within us. Without self-discipline and self-trust I don’t think we can make it and survive the battle fields of our lives.

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