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New Document - An Illustrated Guide to Understanding the FairTax

Greetings Team!

You are invited to view a new document from the Florida FairTax Educational Association's Panhandle District entitled "An Illustrated Guide To Understanding the FairTax". The document, in PDF and MS Word and with additional standalone MS Power Point Slides, can be accessed through the district website at www.fairtax.org/florida-panhandle. On opening the home page, scroll down to the red-lettered title "FairTax Presentation and Training Programs" and then under the subtitle "Training Guides and Slide Presentations", in the blue graphics boxes you will find the Illustrated guide in the various formats.

The guide has been updated with the latest available government figures from 2009 annual reports and includes detailed information to help you better understand some of the issues specific to H.R. 25, The FairTax Act of 2009. You are free to use the materials from the guides or the slides as you desire to construct your own FairTax presentation and training programs.

Best Regards,
Kerry Bowers
Panhandle Co-District Director
Florida FairTax Educational Association

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