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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Congressman Rob Woodall, sponsor of the Fair Tax Bill HR 25, raised an interesting point in his radio interview on www.FairTaxTime.com the Fair Tax radio program there are a million ways to help pass the Fair Tax.


In talking to people who would like to help pass the Fair Tax I am often asked "What can I do to help". My suggestion is we all work together to make a list of one million ways to pass the Fair Tax. Keep it simple and short. For example:

1. Talk to your children and grandchildren about the Fair Tax.


What would you add to our list of one million ways to pass the Fair Tax?


To listen to Congressman Rob Woodall's interview on passing the Fair Tax in 2013 go to:

Rob Woodall's interview begins about 15 min into the program. The phone lines were jammed so he had some problems calling in. Be patient, his message is well worth the wait!

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Comment by Jordan Williamson on August 18, 2012 at 10:50pm

To answer Henry's point, read Section 302 part e. It outlines the Sales Tax Bureau. If you have a problem with state income taxes then fix them in your state. I'm sure you would agree that the federal government has no and should have no say in a state's tax policy. You can also call the prebate a national entitlement, but you would also have to claim that our current rebates are also entitlements. It is not an argument that stands up to scrutiny. I suggest that next time you make an argument try to refrain from utilizing all caps and make sure it is not merely "good enough".

Comment by Marilyn Rickert on August 17, 2012 at 9:40pm

One volunteer sent me this great list:

Here are a couple of ways we spread the FairTax message in Marion Co.,

1  Place the FairTax logo on your email signature line
2  Place the QR code on your signature line that sends readers directly to the
3  State "I'm in favor of FairTax, hope you are too." in your
outgoing message on your answering machine
4. Include a FairTax info card in
the envelope when paying bills
5. Write FairTax.org on the edge of all your
paper money
6  Wear a FairTax pin every day
7. Place FairTax bumper
stickers on your car
8. Always carry a few info cards with you in the car,
your purse, golf bag, etc to hand out if anyone asks you about FaiTax
9. Give
'The FairTax Book' as birthday or Christmas gifts
and my favorite:
10. Return self addressed stamped envelopes received from junk mail solicitors
filled with FairTax information.  It helps the PO, the solicitor pays for it,
someone has to open it, and it makes you feel good to get even for all that junk

Comment by Henry on August 17, 2012 at 1:18pm

There is a problem with the so called Fair Tax. Who is going to administer it with the IRS eliminated? According to HR-25, the state authorities will administer it but that could be in violation of Article I, section 8, U.S. Constitution: The Congress Shall Have The Power To Lay And Collect Taxes. It goes on from there. There is nothing written in the articles or amendments of states becoming tax collectors, collecting Federal taxes for the Federal government whether voluntary or not. Even under the present system, the Federal government uses the IR. State agencies collect state taxes and local governments, their agencies collect local taxes. It goes the same way with Federal and state gas taxes. Even Neal Boortz wrote in the Fair Tax book of a Federal agency. HR-25 has nothing written of a Federal agency. I talk to some people who are with Fair Tax and they agree with me on the collection part concerning the state authorities.  Jerome Hammett: Tell the truth of people getting their whole paycheck if they live in a state that collects state income taxes. This so called Fair Tax DOES NOT eliminate any state income taxes. Still have to file April 15th. Another nice spring day, right, Jerome? The so called prebates are nothing but a National entitlement which will cost the Federal government $600 billion annually. I read the legislation and parts of the book on the collection part. I would back it if HR-25 is scrapped and start over. My high school teacher said these words and he said them to every student. GOOD ENOUGH IS NO GOOD. I never forgot those words. I will not accept any legislation if people say it is good enough.

Comment by Jerome Hammett on August 17, 2012 at 12:22pm

Whenever I get a telemarketer call, as soon as they take a breath or tell me what they are calling about I ask them what they know about the FairTax. I have had very people who can tell me about it. I then ask them how they would like to get their whole paycheck at the end of the week? How would they like to have April 15th just a nice spring day; and other FairTax talking points. I give them the FairTax website where they can learn about the FairTax and I tell them to tell their friends. I have had many of them thank me, tell me they will definitely check on it and never tell me why they had originally called me.

Comment by Charles Smith on August 17, 2012 at 10:11am

Chickafaction should work nicely! If you supported Chick-fil-A last month, just use that same resolve to support the FairTax. While you congress person is at home, line up at his or her office like you did at Chick-fil-A, I mean out the door and around the building. Tell them you want them to co-sponsor the Fairtax, and if they don't.. find a great candidate, who will, and support that person. ****NOTICE: Don't threaten the encumbent, just throw them out of office!

Comment by John Wesley Nobles on August 17, 2012 at 9:34am

We can achieve in over a million ways in a very short period just by getting involved in our current Opportunity Drawing.  It is easy, it doesn't cost anything, and you will bring many new people to Fair Tax.  We did it very successfully at Riverbend with over 700,000 people and we know it works and it works wells.  Get your cards and get started today!

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