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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I am an insignificant blogger out there who is in desperate need of your re-education camps you will soon be setting up. Much like the communist did in Cambodia and Vietnam after the conflict ended in 1975. You see while I had government indoctrination in my primary and secondary education it seems as though the propaganda didn’t take hold in me. I had further government education for my bachelors and masters degree programs but some of the professors were not as complicit as my previous teachers in high school. You see after all my education I came to the politically incorrect conclusion that the federal government is incapable of administering any program more efficiently than the private sector. I even went so far as to register to vote with the Libertarian Party. Surly this party will be banned in the coming years for their subversive ideas and thoughts.

My first glimpse at the incompetence of federal judges and officials was in the 1970’s in Pontiac, Michigan when my school district was forced to integrate its school system when I was a 5th grader. When the program was started it was Kim by Ya, peace, tranquility, the Age of Aquarius. Academic standards were lowered and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world to not have to study. Really I was quite impressed with this new dumb down system of lower expectations. It made my junior high years really live up to the name junior high all the time years. It was cool missing 30+ days a year and still being moved on to the next grade. Wonderful years filled with gang activity, violence, drugs and getting slapped in the face by all the girls when I approached them. And then it all ended.

I moved in with my father and an all white school district except for one black guy. I was shocked and sober for the first time in my life. These kids dressed nice, studied and the most radical thing they talked about was the latest Kiss concert. It was a complete and total cultural shock. I didn’t know what to do. I had to read books for the first time in years. Russian history? You got to be kidding me! And what was really freaking me out is even though I studied I only got C’s. It was then after I woke up out of my drug induced slumber I began questioning THE GOVERNMENT!

How could they destroy a community all in the name of equality? Whose equality? And who gained? The black kids didn’t gain anything from crappy schools. Sitting next to white kids didn’t improve their IQ any. All it did was encourage gang formation and violence as the two groups fought for dominance. Maybe that’s what the federal judge wanted? A good gang fight? The City of Pontiac was destroyed by busing just as Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Benton Harbor and many others. Anyone with money moved out and the welfare queens moved in.

As I moved through life I saw social security on the verge of bankruptcy. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill raised my taxes to bail the program out and the “lock box” never materialized. Politicians continue to this day to raid the fund making it an unsustainable program. My Medicaid taxes went up. And my property taxes. It just seems like a never ending cycle of taxes for nothing.

And now you want more from me to pay heath care for illegal aliens and the uninsured. Let me tell you a secret. I was in poverty when I was young. My mother was on every welfare program she could get signed up for. You know how I escaped the cycle of poverty? My secret? I got a job.

It was a horrible experience at first. I had to show up to work at this office and do these crappy chores all day long. This psychology major with a bad attitude was my boss and he really sucked. It was the pits. Gradually I began to realize these jerks paid me every two weeks. They paid me money. It was really quite shocking. And after 90 days I got medical insurance. Not that I ever used it but they told me it was a valuable thing to have. And there is my secret to you Mr. Obama on how I was able to move into the middle class and get health insurance. I will allow you to use my secret and tell it to the 47 million uninsured if you would like to. I just kind of stumbled on it myself, having no guidance from my school or family. My life experiences as a wise white man make me uniquely qualified and I am honored to pass it along to you a guy who has never worked a day in your life.

Here is a link to my disinformation about reforming health care along capitalistic competition models. I am sure you will find it inflammatory propaganda and immediately sign me up for your re-education camps. You know after the Vietnam War I read about the communist re-education camps and always wondered if they were as fun as my summer camps on Crystal Lake in Michigan. I guess I will be finding out soon.


Mark your buddy
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