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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

For those of you who think there is a typo in the title, the word means "coward."

I am wearing heavy boots, so those of you who have sensitive toes, please stop reading now, because I will step on them, and it will smart.

It is time to purge from the ranks of Conservatives those who are not truly and really Conservatives.

I will leave the description of a Conservative for another article. In the meantime this:

If the CPAC gathering offers any indication of what the future holds politically for Conservatives, Conservatives had better scrutinize their ranks, assign membership based on results and evidence that the philosophy is something that a "member" lives by, and reorganize to develop more such Conservatives to increase the ranks, and go from there.

No one is as well suited to survive in any situation more than a Conservative, so if you find that in your community there are but two or three that fit the bill, better to proceed with that and build on it, rather than continue to enable the pretense that is the status quo.

And which status quo am I referring to?

To wit: The CPAC circus antics of Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele and the pretentious pep rally of a conference that revealed a continuation of the elitist fraternity of politicos that is a right wing version of the extended-pinky dilettantes that occupy the White House and the Congress.

Michael Steele Apologizing for Rush Limbaugh and then TO Rush Limbaugh: That's a Conservative? Since when do we have to patty cake with the media?

What he should have said was that Rush Limbaugh's right to say what he wanted was guaranteed by the Constitution, and that if anyone objected, they could take the next taxi straight to hell, paid for by CPAC.

And then he should have gone on his own rant about harnessing the CPAC energy against any and all who continued to tread on our most sacred political document, beginning with the media censorship of anything critical of the Obama administration and its puppet, the U.S. Congress.

And that would have launched a Conservative missle with a warhead targetting the political lefties and their goose-stepping hordes that would have sent them reeling.

The problem in the past has been that Conservatives have had to compromise with other factions in order to build a coalition to get a candidate elected that might or might not represent the Conservative cause.

The result has been a watered down voice, oftentimes ignored, and many times told to shut up and go away.

That in turn resulted in Stalin, Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot re-incarnated in the present administration in Washington.

Rush Limbaugh should have seized the opportunity and positioned Steele as a victim cowed to bow down to a Liberal Media and attacked the media instead of Michael Steele.

Limbaugh should have used that missed opportunity to say that with a media like we have today, who needs a Fairness Doctrine?... instead of attacking Michael Steele, and playing into the media's depiction of CPAC as a battleground for Conservative power.

The media questioned who the head of the Republican Party was. That's all it takes to send these guys into a tizzy?

Limbaugh and Steele should go home or hire someone who knows what to say and how to say it. A Conservative would do.

Conservatives do not need "leaders." Conservatives are leaders.

We need to boot all the bozo's off at the next stop, and steer this vehicle onto the Conservative Cultural Renaissance expressway.

But you need to differentiate the Bozo's from the Conservatives. Do you know what or who is actually a Conservative?

Of course you do. That is YOU.

And thank you for being there; thank you for being you and doing what you do.


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