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Reach out to the more environmentally aware

I have a couple of ideas to reach more people regarding the FairTax:

1. Reusable shopping bags (e.g. http://www.reusethisbag.com/custom.asp#reusablegrocerybags)
When I ran a booth at a festival, I saw that an insurance company was passing out the reusable shopping bags for people to use to collect info. The bag had their logo on it. I have similar bags from Meijer and Lowes (instead of using plastic bags). They cost $0.99 retail from the stores. I was thinking that we could get green colored bags with the FairTax logo and some sort of tag line like "The only 'green' tax reform that encourages reuse and recycle." Or "The green tax reform that let's you keep more of your greenbacks." I have contacted a company to receive a quote.

2. Adopt-a-Spot and Adopt-a-Highway
I use a rails-to-trails bike path near my home and saw an available "Adopt-a-Spot." My family is willing to adopt the spot and pick up trash along the path and plan to have "FairTax.org" put on the sign. There are also similar available spots on Ohio highways and interstates. We may adopt a highway along I-675. It's good PR, and it's satisfying to clean up the outdoors (good lesson for kids too).

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