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Rep. Susan Delbene telephone town hall

Representative Susan Delbene had a telephone town hall meeting today. I tried to get in the question queue to ask her about HR25. But I only got to leave a comment with one of her staff. If you get a robo call to join a town hall meeting, hit *3 right away to get in the question queue.

I counted at least three issues that other people asked the Congress woman that the Fair Tax would help with: Repatriation of overseas money (the Fair Tax would bring it back); Minimum wage (the Fair Tax would give all wage earners an immediate raise by eliminating the payroll tax); Trade imbalance (the Fair Tax would help with that)

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Comment by Jamie Wheeler WA on June 24, 2016 at 2:09am
Does she have a challenger? Have you voted for the FairTax on www.PopVox.com?

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