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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Rest in Peace.

We are gathered here today to say farewell to a loyal friend.

He was a beacon of wisdom who understood the importance of self reliance. He stood for the hard fought principles of Liberty and freedom and the reason and moral judgment they afford us, without the intrusion of a centralized democracy.

He was a symbol of individual accomplishment that was a proud beacon throughout the world, and the rewards that it secured to those who worked hard to earn and keep the fruits of their own effort, the pursuit of happiness!

He understood that Liberties surrendered are Liberties lost. He was a Champion of freedom, and individual rights not only for those in America, but a liberating example for the world, an example that has endured throughout the ages.

He was the standard for the establishment of a great nation, who by its many members, held the reigns of power divided by those members, and set a standard for government never before paralleled in history.

In recent years he has been taken for granted, not known, or understood by many. His reputation was soiled by those who sought to discredit him or diminish his importance in our lives, and many were not strong enough to stand by his principles and the courage of their conviction that were necessary in his defense.

Many have become convinced to abandon him and to forego his wisdom and importance, by replacing him and his members, with replacement by another who would take us forward without the wisdom of the multitude of its members and defer to one new centralized power.

Throughout history his accomplishments have known no equal and have been the envy of many nations of the world, nations who would strive to compete with his unity of purpose and its results, but to no avail, for none would embrace the ideals of a servant government of the people, in which the people are king and the government is the servant!

He was forgotten long before his death and will have a special place in history. Great Authors will write books in his memory and many generations will talk of his greatness and how our generation allowed him to perish from the earth.

He was known by only one name and was replaced by another with only one name.

His was known as Republic and he has been replaced by another known as Democracy.

Rest in Peace!

If we do not begin to understand what made this country great we are doomed to write this Eulogy.

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