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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Revolution: A sudden or momentous change. An industrial "revolution" a technology "revolution" "revolution" in manufacturing, automated assembly lines, "revolutionary" thought as in Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and the Wright Brothers.

Revolution: Any social or political transformation, as an example, the "American Republics Founding Father's revolutionary idea" of a limited government under a "constitutional compact" guaranteeing basic unalienable rights, rights forbidden by a "bill of rights" for government to abridge, too trespass against.

Revolution: "Peaceful revolution" through non-violence as accomplished by "Gandhi" acheiving independence for India. "Peaceful revolution" throigh non-violence as accomplished by "King" acheiving equal rights for all Americans.

Revolution: Democratic Republic, a system of "peaceful" ongoing "revolution" with representatives elected by popular vote and required to respect limitations on governement by constitutional compact. The failure or the success of a "Republic" requires loyalty and obediance to fundimental founding principals and documents. Longivity of a Republic requires adherence to founding documents by both government and citizen. The word fundimental is legally defined as "without witch there can be nothing."

Revolution: "Revolution" as in violent revolution is chaos through violence resulting in the loss of life, the destruction of property and prosperity. Then, out of chaos the replacing of one form of tyranny with another in the aftermath.

Revolution: Stand firm, be peaceful, but do not capitulate, do what is necessary to un-tax lower income people and free business to grow and prosper. See the examples of "Gandhi" and "King." As the man once said "the power to tax is the power to destroy" and aren't we now plainly at that door? Is there a better way, honest open and fair to all? The answer is yes, visit, www.fairtax.org

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