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Scorching letter to Senator Sherrod Brown

Dear Senator,

I have sent the following link to an article written by economist professor Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University. It is my hope that you will read this document and research it thoroughly before you accept FactCheck.org's information as the end all be all on the issue of the Fair Tax Plan, HR 25 / S 296. I would expect nothing less than a thoughtful and meaningful analysis of the Fair Tax on your end and the FactCheck information is woefully inadequate.


I find it deplorable that I am more familiar with this bill than yourself. There is only one conclusion that I can draw from your position regarding this urgent bill: you must favor lobbyists over the welfare of the nation as a whole. The general public understands the nature of the relationship between lobbyists and our elected officials, and frankly, we are appalled. I suggest you seriously consider being a servant to the people rather than a servant to the K Street folks.

As support of the Fair Tax is growing exponentially across this nation, it behooves our legislators to research and study this issue carefully.

Ask yourself why NCR has made its home in OH for 125 yrs. and is now forced to move? Ask yourself why they've chosen to make GA their home?

It appears that our legislators are so busy finding ways to spend precious tax dollars that they don't seem to have the time to actually think about increasing revenue by broadening the tax base. The tax base dwindles and the government spends more. They (you) want to spend more taxes chasing after trillions in offshore accounts rather than rolling out the welcome mat for those trillions to come home which costs nothing. Rather than welcome business back into the country, you want to penalize those corporations that were flushed out of the states thanks to our present tax code.

It's time for meaningful analysis of the Fair Tax Plan, Senator Brown. Main St., USA has no interest in supporting the 34,000+ on K Street, Washington, DC.

Nancy Gatchel

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Comment by Teresa J. Geron on June 30, 2009 at 3:29pm
I've blasted Sen Brown so many times in the past week he's probably blocked my email by now. One of my favorite comeback to misrepresentation is from page 186 of "The FairTax Book" & it reads as follows: "Congressman So-and-so, are you misrepresenting the effect of the FairTax because you haven't read the bill, or because you're concerned about handing so much power back to the taxpayers?"
Comment by Nancy L. Gatchel on June 22, 2009 at 4:03pm
".......Brown let us down" - I'd forgotten all about that slogan from the Republican side during the campaign. :-)

After numerous letters and calls to the senator with the same results, namely insulting my intelligence and John Q. Public, et al, I decided stronger words were indicated.

Though some of our leadership here in OH have done some good things, I can't help but feel that our elected officials' failure to support the Fair Tax is very telling. Clearly they all, Republican and Democrat, favor K Street lobbyists and special interests over Main St. tax payers ( those of us footing the bill for the lobbyists and politicians ). I'm tired of mincing words with Senator Brown, and I'm starting to get that way with my congressman, Jim Jordan. Jordan has done many fine things, in my opinion, but holding out on the Fair Tax merely arouses my suspicion as to the nature of what he's really about.
Comment by Scott Bankston on June 22, 2009 at 3:34pm
It looks like Sherrod Brown really has let us down! Frankly, I am ashamed of all the elected officials who do not support the Fairtax. For them to not support the Fairtax simply means they do not care about the people they represent. I'm so ashamed!

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