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Should You Expect Your County and City Public Servants to Know About the FairTax?

On October 7, Callaway Citizens for FairTax mailed invitations to 22 city and county elected officials inviting them to a FairTax presentation on Oct. 29th, 7:00 at Callaway Electric Cooperative, 1313 Cooperative Drive in Fulton, MO. A stamped addressed envelopes along with a questionnaire response form was included. In that response we asked the recipient to list any concerns about the FairTax he or she may have As of October 20, three elected Callaway officials have replied - all choosing to find out information via internet rather than meet with constituents.
The lack of response from the other nineteen public servants is not a personal issue. It is a business issue. Your city and county public servants make business decisions daily that affect your city, your county and your family's economic future. Should they attend an informational meeting to learn about a tax reform proposal? You decide. Ask yourself three questions. "Do your city and county officials work for you?" "Do you expect them to have the knowledge to make sound business decisions at the local level of governance?" If the answer is 'yes' to both of those questions, then the next question is vital: "Should people making business decisions that affect your life be expected to know of- not necessarily agree with - a tax reform that could put Missourians back to work?” If you answered ‘yes’ to all three, you have every right to expect your public servants to be informed about the FairTax. Invite your officials to attend your FairTax meetings. Let them know that you are not expecting them to make public decisions or comments. These are not town hall meetings. CCFT does not allow any discussion or comments about politicians. We provide a safe, non-threatening format for conversation and learning. We will continue to invite all Callaway citizens to any and all of our meetings. Let’s hope some of our public servants decide to make use of what we are offering.
Beverly Martin
Volunteer Community Coordinator
Callaway Citizens for FairTax
Fulton, MO

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