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Dr. Torres is a friend and a FairTax advocate into the latin community across the nation.  He is not discussing the FairTax in this post but I know he does with spanish language info cards we have provided him and I think his efforts here warrant our help.  Read the message, decide for yourself.
Dear Patriots,
There is an urgent need to reach out to Americans of Hispanic descent. We must work together and use every tool possible in order to save our country. Bear Witness Central and Libertad USA have a plan. We are represented by Americans of Cuban and Hispanic descent. Our Cuban and Hispanic directors bear witness of the events in their countries which suffered Socialists, Marxist and Communist dictatorships. We are extremely worried about the similarities that we see under the U.S. current Administration and steps that were taken in our countries of origin to move into a Socialist/Marxist regime. As you have already noticed, the faith of America stands on our shoulders as conservative grassroots leaders wanting to reach out to those who need to be enlightened with the truth. We have less than 60 days to follow through with ideas to save America from 4 years of guaranteed destruction and a quick path into 21st Century Socialism.

Hispanics are a key group of people we need to reach, they are mostly Christians and freedom lovers, but many do not have the information they need to vote their values. 12 million Hispanics are expected to cast their votes in November. It is very sad and worrisome that 2 months before our Presidential election many Hispanics still are unaware of what this Administration has done and the steps they already have taken to control the American people and transform our beloved country. Hispanics need to be informed and the time is running short.   
Bear Witness and Libertad USA are proposing these steps:

1. The promotion of the Libertad USA website in other Conservative and Tea Party websites by adding a logo of Libertad USA with a link as follows:
                                           The link:  www.LibertadUSA.com
Libertad USA is a central website that Hispanics can easily access daily. There are very few organizations that provide timely information in Spanish of importance to the conservative and freedom cause. The truth about this Administration is rarely found in Spanish, therefore articles in English are being translated to Spanish (from Charles Krauthammer, Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, Sharon Sebastian and others). Libertad USA also posts information from organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute, The Independent Institute and Fox News Latino in addition to highly recognized Conservative contributing authors such as Frank de Varona (Cuban acclaimed author of 18 published books) and Alfredo Cepero (well known former news director of Miami's Channel 23). We also provide information from "The true Obama, his Marxist, Socialist and Radicals connections" the only comprehensive book published in Spanish about Barack Obama by Frank de Varona. This promotion is free of any cost and has already been implemented in several states. We need your help for further implementation acrossthe country.

2. Adding a page for Hispanics in your website is also suggested. Excerpts of posts in Spanish can be provided every day with a link back to Libertad USA for the full article. This has already been implemented at The Villages Tea Party (http://www.thevillagesteaparty.org/). This organization placed the logo (Libertad USA) and also created a tab called HISPANOS where news in Spanish can be read daily.

3. The use of Social Media to reach out to potential Hispanic voters. This has been conducted by Bear Witness Central and Libertad USA with excellent results. The targets we post on are websites such as Univision, Telemundo, Huffpost voces, CNN, Yahoo, NBC Latino and others that are heavily visited by Hispanics around the country. This is used to counteract the well organized efforts in Spanish of hundreds of liberal and leftist bloggers. We do suggest posting in Social Media (Political blog sites, Twitter and Facebook) excerpts of articles published in Libertad USA including a link back to the full article.
The same three steps above can be implemented for Bear Witness Central (www.BWCentral.org) to provide information in English to independents and other minorities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A national outreach to Americans of Hispanic descent is urgently needed. Preaching to the choir will not guarantee our success. There are many things that we can do to defeat the progress of Communism in America. It is up to all of us, together we can win, alone we may not survive. We ask you to join our efforts to save our country by helping us to reach out before the November election to the largest minority group, the Hispanic community.

For more information, please contact us at the e-mail addresses below.

Best regards,
R. Perez
Dr. J. Torres

Bear Witness Central

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