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Dear fellow FairTaxers,

Our founding fathers instinctively knew the evils of an income tax.  They knew from history how such a system could easily be manipulated to pit one group against another.

More importantly, they knew how an income tax could infringe on individual freedom.  Freedom was the most important element in our country's founding.  So, they prohibited an income tax in our constitution.

But, after several attempts in the late 1800s by politicians who thought they were smarter than the founding fathers, in 1913 the 16th Amendment was enacted, making income tax legal for the first time.

A thorough search on the Internet can produce evidence that the 16th Amendment came about accidentally as a result of a game of "Gotcha" played between Republicans and Democrats.  The real intent was just to cause embarrassment from one party to the next.

When the bill actually won passage, both parties were certain it would never be ratified by 3/4 of the States.  But apparently the States did ratify, although there has been contention even in recent years that the 3/4 requirement might not have been met.

I joined FairTax.org in 1995 the first year it debuted.  About 3 years prior to that I was an active member of CATS (Citizens for an Alternative Tax System).  In actual operation and purpose, CATS was very similar to FairTax, but much less organized and with less resources.

From a common sense perspective there is no doubt that our income tax system needs to be changed if we are ever going to reverse our financial decline.  We simply cannot have over 50% of our citizens paying no income tax at all.  And those who believe the top 5% of income earners can carry the load, are devoid of the common sense needed to save our country.

I believe the FairTax bill is the best solution of all proposed options talked about in the news media.  We must Abolish the IRS and all semblance of an Income Tax.  A Flat Tax won't do.

I also believe the "Prebate" rates as outlined in the Fair Tax bill can be used to great advantage in promoting Fair Tax to the voting public. But there is only scant mention of how this part of the bill works. Consider the following:

      "A Single mom head of household with 4 children would receive a monthly prebate check of $528 mailed to her at the beginning of each month.  This check would be mailed irrespective of income from charity groups, part time jobs, help from relatives, etc. Plus she can shop around for the best discounted prices for food and other essentials"

      " A Two-adult household with two children would receive a monthly prebate check of $595 mailed at the beginning of each month.  This check would be mailed irrespective of other income from any source.  Even if both parents have jobs and receive additional income.

       " Furthermore, under the Fair Tax system, citizens get to keep every penny earned with no deductions for medicare, social security, etc. No requirement to keep records or file annual returns.

Under the FairTax even corporations pay Zero Income Tax.  Can you imagine the job creations when corporations elect to move all their operations to the USA to avoid high income tax in other countries?  Even with good paying jobs for everyone, the above mentioned prebate checks still apply.  This is a hard pill for socialist to swallow, but it is a fact of life when Freedom is in place.

There are many many good aspects of the Fair Tax system, but it's going to take a lot of good work to get the message across.

About 4 years ago I stumbled upon a document on the Internet that is so compelling I believe it should be required reading for every elected office holder at the State and Federal level. The document is 92 pages in length and was written in 1954 and is downloadable in PDF format. You will probably wonder as I did how such a scholarly written treatise be kept from wide public view for so many years. The contents of the document are even more appropriate today than when it was originally written. The following website name is not the actual name of the document as you will see.  But I hope you will access it and also make it available to as many other people as possible,



Dusty Rhodes

Major, USMC Retired

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