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I happened to see an old black and white movie the other night. Jimmy Stewart played a gentle slightly “touched” and lovable man who had an invisible friend, a magical six foot tall, talking rabbit named Harvey.
There was a line from the movie where Mr. Stewart's character stated and I am paraphrasing “My mother told me...some people are cleaver and some are pleasant. I choose to be pleasant, Oh, so pleasant.”
I don’t think pleasantness has ever been a part of politics in America.
For many Americans, elections and politics are a stirring and volcanic part of our lives. Many more have walked away in hopeless disillusionment, not understanding our mosaic, the very fabric of how our country was set up. Necessarily so, to encourage and embolden us to participate in this most grand experiment of liberty, ownership and law.
One of the points, of me talking to you tonight is to impress the fact upon you that liberty is not slavery and slavery is not liberty. That word and deed do indeed have
meaning and consequence.
Everyone has an opinion on the issues of the day and on history, but opinions turn into something else when action is applied. Opinions turn into consequence.
We can vote away our true rights for false ones. We can vote away our liberty by who we vote for, or if we don’t vote. We can vote away our laws and also our honesty, property, integrity, our love, and much more. We can vote without clear understanding of these things and America can cease to exist a little bit more, because America is not just a place, but an ideal.
Government was created as a communal extension of personal self defense from the thug. That is it. This is specially true of the U.S. Of course the thug always finds ways of exerting their
tyranny, as thugs often do, at the point of a weapon and with deception. We, as a country had to forcibly throw off the shackles of a thug,the King of England, but for the first time in the history of the world, instituted a form of limited government through rational thought and argument and voted it in peacefully and honestly.
We are at or approaching that cross road again.
If we cast our vote for candidates who do not support or understand the basic tenants and ideals of our Constitution. Vote for candidates who mislead and manipulate, projecting the conviction of their own limitations, fears and faults on to others. If we vote for candidates who have been compromised by action and deed and thusly changed into something other than what they say they are, then we ourselves have changed into something other than what we say we are.And you should go across that great divide, which was created by those others, Go to the other tent. Go over to those who do not believe, like the un-cowed we, in some things more than evils frigid lee. Because we can still tell the difference.
It is my contention that big government is in fact, evil. For it is, by its very nature, all and complete, STUPID, brute force. And unchecked force is what our Constitution is supposed to limit with regard to the National Government.
When we flawed human beings get control of that much power our flaws are magnified exponentially. Keep this in mind, there is no higher authority to go to for redress when the Government is the culprit. Except, God Almighty Himself, and maybe Smith and Wesson. So government must be strictly limited, as the Founding Fathers established
Rush Limbaugh stated it truly: “No CEO or corporation has ever hurt me, but big Government does every day.” Just because the government does something , it doesn't make it right or just and usually the opposite.
All the large scale woes in this country can be traced right back to governmental intervention or interference.
Socialism is based on the quicksand foundation of destruction and lives in a world diametrically opposed to its own stated purpose of a withering away and disappearing government. The legion of the totalist philosophies are for the same reasons, shaded under the same umbrella. (You can ask me about what that means later if you like.) They fail to do anything but enrich the lives of the thugs who are the slave masters. And that is their fatal lie. The thug never gives up his or her spoils
This country is truly great! Liberty works every time it’s tried, like abstinence, but we continually and voluntarily poke liberty in its beautifully resilient eyes . We continually take the word of its enemies as truth and vote away our livelihood. Betray our heritage and those that sacrificed their lives so that we might live free to be the most generous and prosperous peoples on the
face of the earth.
On the other side of the coin, totalitarianism fails every time it is tried. Unless you consider slave-mongering,power addicted, death worship a good, constructive governmental role model.
The Author, Geothe wrote “boldness has genius, power and magic in it”. It is this boldness that makes the American Ideal what it is. America is great because its people still overwhelmingly search for creation instead of blame. We search for love and acceptance under the law that protects us from the baser instincts of our morally weak members.
Members who were never taught or have forgotten, buried beneath the excesses of life, that stealing is wrong. That initiating coercion is wrong. And lying is counter productive to living a good and just life, and is the language of cheaters,and is plain wrong.
We should know by now, that the left has no problem doing any of these things. And there are many of us who have given up and wish to emulate them, joining in the wrong doing.
The Democrats used to be called the loyal opposition. Now they are at war with us and you will find little if any truth in them. Their philosophy has infiltrated, like a cancer, every institution in America, including religion, the CIA, schools, main stream media, and the Republican Party. Infiltrated for the diabolical and programmed purpose of sabotage and destruction of these said institutions.
Learn to recognize the evil inherent in slavery and deceit in its myriad forms including empty hope. Hope involves the desire to be better stronger, smarter, healthier, more spiritual, free, the list goes on. And onward we go believing evil cares about such things. But I heard them talk of hope and change in such glowing terms! As the genocide of 48.5 million innocent, helpless babies paid the price for their purposeful ignorance and cavalier attitudes.
And change for the sake of change is pointless, but that is not even what liberals want. Their change, is to force us further down the road to serfdom.
Stupid is as stupid does... coming with public policy and legislation right from the Communist Manifesto. Go look it up. I call it talking totalist. Don’t do it, don’t talk totalist, talk liberty instead.
Beware, cheating Totalitarians who masquerade as Republicans, Democrats, and Americans. They are not such, they just happen to live here. They do not share in the ideal that is America.
I implore you, do not join in the wrong doing. Be brave and have faith in the face of the leftist’s withering and constant propaganda war. Go to the alternate sources on talk radio and the internet. Search out and question and learn from those of us left. Do it before it is too late. Because freedom and ingenuity have once again found a way to give us the truth. Get involved like never before in American history.
Work on every other office coming up for election.
Judges are up for election, House and Senate seats State and Federal, right down to dog catcher.
Hold our elected officials accountable, with such a volume of participation that their feet blister from being held to the fire, no matter who they are.
I’ll leave you with my own version of a line from one of my favorite movies, The Matrix: Liberty can show you the door,
only you can walk through it.
Thank you all for listening and God bless
Good Night.

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