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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The FairTax and our Representatives/Candidates

This is the year to talk about and push our candidates and current reps to take a stance on the FairTax. If they tell you they are for it, ask them why and see if they can actually talk about it. Offer to help them out if they seem to need more education. If they tell you, no they do not support the FairTax, ask them to articulate why not and what do they support instead. Again, see if they can articulate what they do not like about it. They better have an answer for you. Sometimes they just don't understand a very important aspect about the FairTax and need you to educate them. Take note...if they are too wimpy to take a stand at all on the FairTax, then they are too wimpy to send to Washington or your state government to work for you! Demand satisfaction. Do not accept wimpy answers!!!!!

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