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This Is A Stick Up! Seven Ways Obamacare Raids Your Wallet.

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


By now most of us realize how Obamacare is designed to take control of healthcare decisions away from individuals and place them in the hands of bureaucrats.   After all, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid understood that as government gains more control over healthcare, the politicians have even greater powers to “sell” favors by granting exceptions, waivers and special rules that favor their friends and those who will donate to their campaigns.  This became all the more evident recently when 38 additional Obamacare waivers were granted to businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district.


Unfortunately this level of institutionalized corruption in our Federal government has become commonplace.  What isn’t as apparent is how Obamacare is designed to take money out of all of our wallets by enacting additional taxes and penalties.  These taxes include increased Medicare taxes, penalties on plans the government feels offer to good of coverage, penalties on those who chose to not buy insurance and an excise tax on pharmaceutical companies.


1)     Beginning in 2013, payroll taxes from Medicare will increase by 62% for households that the government has decided are “higher income”.


2)     Similarly, Obamacare created a new 3.8% Medicare Tax on interest, dividends, royalties, rental income, capital gains, and annuities.



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Comment by cary henderson on May 25, 2011 at 10:12pm
Unfortunately most Democrats do not want to see any analisys of the full effects of the bill. They just go off emotionally on some tangent and won't realize the true effects. We need them to look at the FairTax as a solution for many of our counrty's problems but most of them see it as a Republican agenda. As such they tend to do no actual analisys of it on their own.

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