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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Something that is very puzzling to me...we all know that the Fair Tax will be extremely beneficial to our destroyed economy. So why is it so hard for the lawmakers in Washington to see that?!? I just don't get it. Is it because all the little earmarks, favors, and kickbacks will be lost? I don't know...maybe. It's just fustrating. Why have a tax code that's over 60,000 pages long if you put it in normal book form? That's just crazy!!

Maybe that's the problem...the Fair Tax makes TOO much sense....it's TOO simple...it TOO revolutionary. It's not filled up with all kinds of legal loopholes that the wealthy (and apparently Congressman) can hide behind. "It was an honest mistake." Please...if someone like you or I made a "mistake" like that, do you think we could plead stupidity to the IRS? Don't think so...they'd be all over us. If the IRS is so worried that they'd be put out of a job if we go with the Fair Tax, just reassign them...have them monitor the new rules and guidelines to the Fair Tax to make sure it's being done right. There's going to be a need for those people, to make sure the new rules are implemented, etc. The Bill is small enough...about 150 pages or so, that shouldn't be too hard to master, right?

Who knows these days. All I do know is that the first "Bailout" to the tune of $800 billion dollars done up by the Bush Administration didn't help any....Obama's 2nd round of $800 billion dollars is just insane. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? The first $800 billion didn't work....let's try another $800 billion! Typical rule in Government spending, "Why have one when you can have two at twice the price." I understand the need of having to spend money in order to help things along...that's all fine and good. Coporations do it all the time. But why spend the money when you're going to have less coming in? Maybe that's why I said, "Time to break out the crayons...." Obviously some people up there on the Hill need a re-education in basic math and economics. Might as well give them a box of Crayolas and start from scratch.

For the sake of the average ordinary person like you and me...I really seriously hope that the Fair Tax gets some real attention in the coming months. It's nice to know that it has been reintroduced last month. At least a few of our elected officals see the best fix to the problem. One thing I can say...it may not be the "right" fix...or the "wrong" fix. But given the situation, I honestly think it's the BEST fix that is out there right now.

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