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When I sat down to write this post I had been anguishing over it for months. Some gnawing or yearning I should address. Maybe, in some way I figured it would be cathartic. Heaven only knows if it would make any kind of difference in the world. You know, vent a little.
When I started writing I became even more unsettled because now I had to think about what I was putting down. I found myself shaking my head at the insanity of slavery politics. Part of my anguish is over the the totalist propaganda machine. It bothers me greatly that too much of the once fine art and integrity of American Journalism has so died, and to the multitude of ignorant people swayed by it. I can, however, appreciate its effectiveness it even affects me to an extent.
I kept thinking this is what it must have been like in the days leading up to the Great Wars 1&2.
Anyway I wrote a number of versions, kept part of this one a bit of that one. Then chucked it and started again. So...O.K. Here goes.

Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini et al, now including the modern day crews, knew that HE that controls the language... controls. Keep in mind the unfairness doctrine and John McCain/s frontal assault on the Constitution and political free speech.
And control is precisely why the totalists say the things they do. For example: MSM reporting that at a McCain rally people in the audience were shouting “kill him! when Barry O’s name was mentioned. It was later shown that the reporter made it up after the Secret Service investigated and could not corroborate the story.
Totalists know perfectly well they lie through their teeth, but that is part of their plan to control and destroy the institutions, like journalism, education, the language and culture of the U.S.A. and remake them or change them into their latest permutation of slavery.
Are they just so corrupt that they think slavery is the best, proper way for man to live? Do they not know what totalism did to humanity in just the last hundred years alone? Are they so depraved that they just don’t care? Are these totalists so addicted and base to power they would destroy the idea that is America? Am I overreacting?
I ran across a My Space caricature of a human being that openly states he is a totalist (My term , I don’t know what his permutation is.) and that he and his buddies will use our system of government against us with frivolous lawsuits and such. If he is successful he will enslave himself and us. Maybe he naively believes he will be one of the masters or one of the brown shirts that will beat down the people that get out of line. One of Stalin’s useful idiots I suppose. He is going to be sorely at a loss if and when it happens.
A few years ago I met a guy who sincerely believed we should have an elitist ruler to tell us how to live and take care of us. How utterly sad!
The world can of course be a very bad, mean, ugly place, but that is the way it has always been and always will be, until people realize that the awful things they do to each other limits their growth, awareness, and if you will evolution UP into something more. Oh! And an important point here. This growth can’t be forced at the point of a gun. And is exactly the reason for simple, consistent, clearly defined law. Which is not a tenet of Totalism. The more obtuse, many layered and ambiguous the law the better. Then the law is whatever whim the public official says it is at any one time, even if today’s standing completely contradicts yesterdays standing. For example, the definition of a wet land. There is none. Yet the brown shirts in govt. sure do mess with people don’t they? You didn’t know that? You haven’t been paying attention!
And soon everyone is a law breaker and a criminal. This is done by design, even if it is not consciously done. Conditioning and addiction works very well on a deep, emotional, thus unthinking level.
It appears the totalists world sucks, and why? I think it is because they have swallowed deep the seductive, poisoned barbed lures and mulct of slavery. And this philosophy will never make them happy though try as they might to make it so. They fail to understand happiness doesn’t come from circumstance, but in spite of it. They fail to understand that in a free country liberty and responsibility is not slavery. If it were they would be all for it. They fail to understand that boredom gives no one the right to transgress against another human being. Nor does a collar, a badge, twisted celebrating victimhood, laziness, incompetence, an “R” or a “D” or any other political, union, or activist affiliation. They fail to understand that is a free country they can live any way they want to with in the law. Which is of course never good enough or far reaching enough. So fraud, radical activism/government intrusion or any other repugnant manner of initiating force is the next twisted logical step for them. In other words they are thugs.
Whoa now wait a minute, you are calling everyone that votes Democrat/Rino thugs? MMMMM? That can’t be right can it? Well let me ask a question: Can someone be a thug and not know it? I wouldn’t thinks so but! If someone hires a thug aren’t they just as guilty as if they did the deed themselves? When we vote aren’t we in essence hiring someone?
In Sun Tsu’s book The Art of War he states ( I am paraphrasing)... The leader must be above reproach. Is this the approach of leaders in Washington? At least the Republicans used kick out scum bags when they got into trouble. The other side promotes them! Maybe the term thug is more correct than I originally thought.
There are only two reasons a person would vote Democrat or RINO in today's world:
Reason 1) Said person is simply, blissfully ignorant of whose bed they crawled into.
Reason 2) said person truly believes the proper way for man to live is in slavery. At the behest and whim of some power addicted, death eating elitist who just plain knows better how, why, or if they should live. WHICH IS WHAT TOTALISM IS ALL ABOUT!
This country is completely dependent on the voting populace being INFORMED and VOTING THE ISSUES. Not voting the personality or gender or race of the candidate. And here is the rub for you... The totalists know this and use it against the unsuspecting, inattentive ignoramus or indoctrinated, well-intentioned fool. And you should all know what a fool is, don’t you? A fool is someone lacking in judgment or prudence. If you still don’t know look it up in a dictionary! Before subversives change that too! Rush is so right: “The most costly commodity we have in this country is ignorance!” Why would so many people think it is O.K. to steal, and lie and cheat? What kind of tortured soul thinks wrong is right?
I watched a Jay Leno segment on the tele the other evening. The segment involves Jay asking people on the street questions about current events, history, and even simple things like which President is on the one dollar bill. The people Jay interviewed didn’t even know which President it was! And these are people who can vote? No wonder Barry O got elected, being a totalist of the Marxist variety and all. Do these people honestly not know the difference between right and wrong? People just plain do not know what they are doing! They don’t know history. They clearly don’t know the present. these people are aiding and abetting thugs so doesn’t that make them thugs whether they know it or not?
The Main Stream Media is clearly colluding with the Totalist agenda, propagandizing for them, voting for them. So doesn’t that make them thugs?
The teachers unions buy their way into elected positions with our and their memberships money, dumb down and and fear monger our little munchkins(read indoctrination), and overwhelmingly vote for it. Thugs?
A.C.O.R.N. and its 70 or so front groups get OUR tax money, and for as long as they have been a Totalist front group have perpetrated voter fraud and indoctrination and training in the guise of Community Organizing. And how do they get our money? The Democrat party and R.I.N.O’s that's how! If ya compromise with evil... ya get evil! For those of you that don’t know what RINO stands for; it stands for Republican In Name Only. They are totalists But you have to look through the transparent veneer of their pretty conservative moniker and rhetoric. They say one thing and do another...and laugh as they lie.

They Laugh
Leftfoot Leeds

At this Constitution
They laugh cuz’ its just paper
They laugh at our stupidity
We hired a fabled kings draper
They laugh because we won’t believe
The zealousness of this caper
Pulled off with a wink and a nod
By demented virtue rapers
Aficionados of Dich Van
Big media gapers

They laugh and laugh and laugh
All the way with the deed
To tax exempt shelters
They’ve legalized for their need
Lying with ease of breathing
Which is their con-man Creed
And sets the common man seething
But who lost in disbelief
This could happen in this country
Votes and votes for slavery
Like a fat baby teething
Unconscious of the dangers
In playing with sharp knives
Or taking candy from strangers
It’s funny don’t you think
Adults acting this way?

Laughing cuz’ it’s just paper
This constitution crap
History will repeat again
With it’s hope destroying pap
Because our betters know what is right
Why we’re just ignorant rubes
Useful innocents on a glorious flight
Of narcissistic glee
Fodder for the chopping block
No matter how we plead

They laugh and laugh and laugh
as this country slips on scree
Packaged, promoted, and sold
Laid down so ingeniously

Smelling blood, becoming bold
This camouflaged enemy
Terrorists sensing weakness
Despite what you’ve been told
Will never be stopped with meekness
But must be crushed with firm hold
To beat back this awful bleakness
Which our founding Fathers knew
And warned us best they could
To never retire the vigil
But wondered if we would
You know from fear it is true
Think of that as they laugh

They are laughing right at you!
Thank you Leftfoot Leeds you are one of my favorite poets.

Where does the line of culpability land?

One might argue we all have a right to our opinions. Yes we do, but those opinions change into something else when action is applied outside your own life. It changes from a personal choice to a public choice and affects other people. Thusly, it is no longer just an opinion we are spouting. And responsibility and culpability comes into play. Also expressing an opinion doesn’t mean there will be no consequences from people who disagree. They have the same right. And here comes the totalist strategy of political correctness. Another great weapon in the arsenal.
Conservatives just want to be left alone to raise their families, run their businesses, to create and build at no ones else's expense. Totalists want to change everybody else; it is what they are taught to do. They do not search for creation they search for blame everywhere else, but in the mirror.
Look, this is the same old problem that has faced mankind since the beginning. I think we can all agree that we want security from thugs,frauds,murderers, and fear in general. Even the thugs, frauds, and murderers want this!
The thing too many people don’t understand is that everything in this life reality has a nature. The weather, rocks, parrots, the sun, moon and so too with government and human beings. Government’s nature is to grow and control and use its gift of stupid , brute force, which by the way, is where the thug comes in. The only way totalism can work is to employ the thug to force its way into larger government and down people’s gullets. This has happened in every country on earth since countries were created. And is now happening here in the USA. And this power over others by people that don’t have high moral standards and integrity will be corrupted by it. Naturally. Government affects far more people than any business owner or other powerful person in life can ever have. Which is the reason for limits on Government,vis-à-vis, The Constitution!
So to give ourselves security and protection the thug do we stand up and protect ourselves and limit the access of the thug over the reigns of power or rely on the thug to do it for us?
Much of Man’s history is fraught with and continues this day with how we will accomplish this limitation. And this is why our form of government was created, in this case a limited Constitutional Republic NOT a Democracy, which is an inferior form of governance. And was rejected by the Founding Fathers as such. For when the people find they can help themselves to the treasury and print more money they will. Sound familiar? And of the big problems as I see it is most people’s eyes glaze over when the topic is even raised, much less that they would consider reading or studying how proper government is set up to work.

Quiz Time:
So was Government created...
A) To steal from the producers and give the booty to the non-producing people and their administrators?
B) As the communal extension of personal self-protection from the thug?

If you chose A, you are, believe it or not, on the slave mongering side of the equation.
But!..but how can you say such a thing?

The taking of people’s property (YES! wages are property too!) in the form of taxation, fees, charges etc., is not theft. It is not grand theft. The taking of people’s property year after year. And telling them what to do with there property with out causing real harm to others is SLAVERY! And here I thought that we were all against slavery. Especially those whose ancestors were slaves. And there were slaves of every ethnicity, as well as, slave owners of every ethnicity. The point is it is wrong! Get over it.

Thought food: not all chains are physical.

Slavery can wear a happy, smiley face. And say all kinds of happy, smiley things. Smiles to beguile you into cannibalizing yourselves in cages of false security, as less than half the country, Congress and President Bush believes.
Consider all sorts of people (over a million) choosing to vote for a constitutional amendment in Minnesota to steal money from everyone else for a totalist sham. Normally sane, rational people joined in the wrongdoing. Just like they do to build stadiums for multimillionaires. Like they do when they demand reparations for something that happened to people that are generations ago dead. With any myriad of ways that true rights have been polluted and redefined by people that would rather steal than work honestly for their living.
I am talking about career activists, moms and dads, twisted, celebrating, career victims who ran away from any meaningful healing and now wear their trophy schiz like an animal pelt crown. Veterans who fought against liberties enemies and are now the philosophical brethren of those enemies separated only by degree of ruthlessness. Congressmen, office holders, and the President who take an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. It is indeed mind-boggling.
Is it any small wonder that people would so disengage their minds and vote for slavery when a “Messiah” is running for president. Thank you public schools. I guess virtue sells cheap these days. It is truly fantastic that so many people in this country are so devoid of self worth and fearful that they want to abdicate their there personal power to a charismatic demagogue’s ideology, rather than to work hard and build their own lives. I honestly hope I am wrong about this, but I am not. Time will tell the tale.
What is so disgustingly pitiful is that many people are from here, born and raised in what used to be the freest country on the earth. They should know better. But this is the power and mental disorder that is the umbrella philosophy I call totalism. It even allows for the totalists from other countries to come here and spread their filthy, destructive crap. It institutionalizes an adversarial, back stabbing, immoral standard as the way to function and live in relation to everybody else. These actions are also known as pragmatism, a totalist construct to rationalize dastardly behavior and then call it kindness, compassion, and even love. Bah!
Lest you think I am being overly harsh on people’s behavior, remember at the beginning of this post when I said this powerful totalist propaganda also affected me? It is not an easy thing to fight against when the truth has been betrayed by nearly one hundred years of wanton attack and the projection of evil on to the good.
Ah! Projection another fine weapon in the totalist arsenal. For those who pay attention, this tool is multiply employed on a daily basis.
For example the financial fraud that has been perpetrated on the entire world has been blamed on the so-called right and and capitalism. When the Democrat/RINO Party has been in control of the whole thing (Fannie and Freddie etc.) since its inception. Whew! What a beautifully executed flimflam! They are The Evil Masters of Shenanigans. They do the dirty deed and blame it on the innocent as a blanket indictment. Say it again and again until the fools and useful idiots believe it. Rah! Rah! Which these days with all the dumbing down in the government run public schools doesn’t take too much repeating. Remember that nasty little thing called indoctrination, also called conditioning in brain washing 101...right out of the pragmatic, Solerian, totalitarian handbook.
Another thing. I don’t believe in “ left” and “right” These designations are also a totalist construct. Terminology that is part of what I call talking totalist. I do my level best to not talk totalist. There is no such thing as the left and the right; there are only those who believe in liberty and our Constitution ( Bush doesn’t...another time) that limits the power of the Federal Government to enslave its constituents. And those that do not.
Another totalist construct is division. Afro-American, Mexican-American etc. No damn it all! They are Americans. Designating people thusly is called identity politics, again, right out of the totalist handbook from any number of 19th Century despots.
In conclusion, When someone is wrong we should lay it on the table so they can relate to it as they will. At that point ignorance is no longer an argument and they must consciously choose. Remember, even not choosing is a choice. Yet I know those with callused hearts and those with purposeful, callow ignorance and fearful minds will not allow this form of self-control. Maybe they will serve the intention of and answer an unspoken prayer, allowing the rest of us the opportunity to see who we desire to be. With out their sad example we might never know there were some things better to be earned.

Tune in next time for more of an explanation of the Totalist Permutations Umbrella

Leftfoot Leeds

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