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Two month old FairTaxSOWEGA, 1st Public Meeting Spelled with Success

Some may say that with a showing of twenty people that it was OK meeting. True in some cases but

1st as a true grassroots organization with only it's 1st meeting

2nd being just a week over two months old,

Here is how we see it. It was a very successful meeting:

1st- of those twenty people we had 1 representative of each of the following groups:
FreedomWords, HuckPAC, Libertarian Party, A newly formed FairTax Group from Panama City Florida, (3 hour trip from Albany Georgia), GMC Auto Union Retired Group, Dougherty County Tax Payers Association (property tax group), Yes 5 groups and it did not stop there, We received emails from some of these groups about how great this Fair Tax meeting was from these groups. We had a 3 hour meeting,

2nd- We had two great speakers- Georgia Director Gene Key, and Southeastern District Director Phil Hinson.
We had a very good Question and Answer section where many good questions were asked from the group. Everything was focused on taxation and comparing this was a very good discussion. We talked about our website and it's main purpose, to educate and inform. We talked about some of the upcoming activities we are working on and many more issues. I received a very nice letter from Mr. Phil Hinson this morning. Again I thank both gentlemen in helping to make this 1st grassroots effort a huge success.

3- Would you all believe we made the TOP story with our local t.v. station (The WFXL story can is online here, and the WALB story is here.) 2. Let me emphasize the local media coverage. To get attention to your grassroots you must use your media coverage. We only have two television stations in Albany but both were here. One reporter stayed for the whole event.

How do we at FairTaxSOWEGA look at our success not so much in attendance but the quality of attendance? Just look at the quality of the group who was represented and you know this - get more our our local people who want to get involved.

Our team leader wrote a very nice email and told me I did a great job at the meeting. Again Mr. Phil Hinson wrote a very nice and encouraging email to me too. I thank everyone for their support and confidence. I am glad I did not let anyone down. My mother and wife were very proud of me.

Now lets get FairTaxSOWEGA up to the next level. I have plans to get more of the Democrats involved with our group as well. I was asked by one of the group how do we get more Democrats involved? I may have an answer as I implement this plan. I will be working on that issue. As I am successful at my plan I will share with every group. We can and we will get every American who long to live the American Dream a way to do so through the way we are taxed. We will succeed in the implementation of FairTax.

I want to thank everyone across FairTaxNation in your support as we all tackle America's number one problem Taxation.

Charlie Prochaska
Volunteer Community Coordinator Ga District2

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