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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

As many of you know, I will be sharing the fair tax with a group of shelby citizens this satarday and I hope that It will be a start towards building a coilition in shelby, ohio. I will be making an appointment to meet with the shelby newspaper editor today and I hope that I will be able to convince her to at least allow a publishing of the fair tax point of view.

The Shelby memorial library staff has told me that the library offers conference room reservations at no cost and the room can hold at least 100 people. With the speaking engagement on satarday, the newspaper and this meeting, I believe that we can build a fine start in shelby. My fellow citizens are historically active in society. Several fundraisers have been held to support the cause of cancer research and even more recent is the community cleanup day that was designed to help people get involved in protecting the environment. Why would they not join a cause that supports the finacial welfare of our families in a time where there is little or no confidence in the system?

I will host a fair tax meeting in shelby, but I need some help. I have not yet scheduled the meeting, but I hope to soon. Is there at least 3-5 people that can help me with the planning of this event and spreading the word? Due to a tuff schedule and few funds, I can not do this on my own. Who will stand with me? "Divided we fall, but united we will stand." What will you choose?

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