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Why The Fair Tax Movement Does Not Gain And Will Not Gain Momentum

  Many years ago I tried getting involved in The Fair Tax movement. I will not say what state, but I tried calling various leaders in various positions. I heard finger pointing, nervous cackling, Gabby Hayes doing his indignant rant from Blazing Saddles. One lady went to tears blubbering I can not find anybody. Sounded like Lucille Ball's early sitcoms.  There were no John Waynes. There were no Winston Churchills.

So flaw # 1 in the movement - Leadership or lack of.

I finally got directed to national headquarters in Houston. I did however talk to a young gentleman there who did not sound like he was old enough to drink a beer. I was trying to find out if there were any positions for a paid spokesman to run around the country and perhaps spread the word and coordinate all the different groups together. The answer I got there was no, the only paid people in Fair Tax was the office he was in. This did not conjure great feelings of joy.

Flaw # 2 in the movement  -  no funding in the right places to send PR people out there to spider web it together.

With so many little pockets of Fair Tax all over the country, there is no cohesiveness. Why are unions so strong? They band together. With this not organizing on a greater level, where's the spearhead that will ever be heard? So far, for the most part this is a glorified bitch fest with not the right passion behind it. I am not talking about self righteous indignation.

Flaw # 3  - No spearheaded passion

I ran this by one of the Fair Tax leaders recently, a Marilyn Rickert. She agreed with me. So to size it up folks - no bucks to fight the war properly, no William Wallaces (Braveheart)

Excuse the frankness or not. i am just tellin it like it is.

Ray Williams

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Comment by ray williams on August 23, 2012 at 1:44pm


Thank you for the response. It's not that I had a "bad" response from Houston. Just not a very good one.

I had just got the general impression that what I was calling. The attitude of the young man was that of a bureaucrat.  I was trying to get contact information  of one of the Fair Tax. His attitude back was that of  a rock star's agent talking to a fan. When I was inquiring about any paid positions as  a spokes person is when he indicated the only people who were getting paid were the pencil pushers. So what can I tell you. 

Comment by Marilyn Rickert on August 23, 2012 at 10:15am

HI Ray!

Sorry you had a negative experience the AFFT organization in Houston.

Fair Tax Nation and most of the Fair Tax movement are grassroots. This means that individuals lead the movement from wherever are located. In a grassroots organization no guru or supreme leader is needed or even wanted. I call it the ant hill organization. Everyone is using their individual talents in their individual locations to move the Fair Tax forward. We are in communication though an extensive grassroots communication system with Fair Tax Nation being one of them.

The leadership of the Fair Tax movement by self-starting individuals is why we have been sucessful.

Let's look at the Fair Tax bill in congress. Fair Tax HR 25 / S13 has a total of 70 cosponsors in the Congress. Can you find another tax reform plan in the Congress that even has a bill in both the House and Senate? I do not see one, maybe you can find one.

Funding is always a huge problem but the Fair Tax volunteers working together can solve this problem.

Don't give up hope we have overcame so many obstacles to come this far, we are ready to overcome the obstacles in the future.

Comment by John Wesley Nobles on August 21, 2012 at 7:56pm

Thanks for your opinion Ray, you do make some points.   Is is going to be fight or flight?

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